Trove: A Woman’s Search for Truth and Buried Treacertain is the true story of a woguy whose life is up-ended as soon as she begins an armchair treasure hunt—a search for $10,000 worth of gold coins hidden in Brooklyn, of all areas, with a man that is not her husband. She finds, inevitably, if something much more practical. In this eloquent, funny, sharply realized memoir, author Sandra A. Miller grapples through the death of her difficult mommy and also the regret and also confusion that so frequently accompanies middle age, only to arise stronger and wiser for it.

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TROVE: A WOMAN"S SEARCH FOR TRUTH AND BURIED TREASURE BY SANDRA A. MILLER • ISBN: 9781941932124 • Paperback • 5 x 8 • 220 Pages • Release date: Sept. 19, 2019 • Biography & Autobiography • $16.99 Print • $11.99 Ebook
a moving rearsenal, brimming with emotional insights.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS

In a really actual means, Miller has spent her life searching for hidden treacertain. As a kid, she trained herself to find things: dropped hair clips, shiny bits of broken glass, discarded lighters.

Looking to escape her volatile parental fees and also frequently unhappy childhood, Miller found deeper interpretation, and also an excellent deal of hope, in each of these objects.

Now an adult and also dealing with the loss of her last living parent—her mother who is at as soon as cold, tough, and also wildly funny—Miller finds herself, as she so often did as a little girl, pressed against a wall of her own longing.

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$16.99 PRINT / $11.99 EBOOK


Her search for gold, which quickly becomes an obsession, forces her to dredge up painful pieces of her past, confront the true source of her sorrow, and ultimately find what it is she has been trying to find all these years.

• Gold-medal winner of the 2020 Nautilus Publication Award for Memoir • Gold-medal winner of the 2020 National Indie Excellence Award for memoir • Featured on Moms Don"t Have Time to Read Books podcast


Sandra A. Miller’s creating has actually showed up in over one-hundred publications, including The Christian Science Monitor, Spirituality & Health, Yankee, Family Fun, and also The Boston Globe Magazine, for which she is a constant correspondent. One of her esclaims was turned right into a brief film referred to as “Wait,” directed by Trudie Styler and also starring Kerry Washington. She has taught in Europe and also Japan and now teaches composing at the College of Massachusetts, Lowell, and lives in Arlington via her husband also and 2 children.

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“A stirring memoir that beautifully and also humorously captures the pain of unrefixed loss.”KIRKUS REVIEWS

“For so many kind of of us, the obsessions of our future selves are sown right into the wounds of our past. This is so plainly the instance through Sandra Miller, an immensely gifted memoirist . . . The pclimbed here is spare yet lyrical, evocative and also painstakingly hocolony, and also Trove, itself, is a treacertain.” — ANDRE DUBUS III, National Publication Award finalist for Housage of Sand also and Fog

Entertaining and also intriguing, Trove reads favor a overview and also map for navigating our own traumas… Miller’s search is a reminder that we must never soptimal in search of the answers that might collection us totally free. — FOREWORD REVIEWS

“The narrative flows effortlessly via a casual style that is introspective but never before maudlin… Trove is a wonderful memoir.”


“Trove grabs readers by the heartstrings and also whisks us along on her life’s journey. Miller’s story is a marvelous, periodically magical adventure that is also immediate, heartbreaking. Miller is eloquent, witty, and grippingly hocolony she searcs for love and treasure, within and without. Trove is that rare treasure of a book—a compelling story that touches your heart and also soul.” — MAUREEN STANTON, writer of Body Leaping Backward: Memoir of a Delinquent Girlhood

“Sandra Miller"s writing is right to the heart magick. Going beyond words, she renders you want even more. Her composing moves you to discover and ponder; and also ideal of all, it opens up the creative thinking to all things feasible.” — DAMIEN ECHOLS, New York Times bestselling author of Life After Death

“You will certainly not check out a web page of this book without thinking, Oh my God, I have so been there. Trove is a hilarious, heart-breaking page-turner about one woman"s relentless search for the treasures life hregarding offer: romantic love, parental approval, a decent career, and some shred of interpretation in this crazy people.” — ERICA FERENCIK, author of Into the Jungle

“With dazzling prose, keen observation, and also laugh-out-loud humor, Trove is an important book for women braving middle age, or anyone looking earlier in life prior to they surge forward. Sandra Miller writes about marital relationship, parenting, aging parental fees, and the search for imaginative fulfillment with wisdom and understanding, and through an honesty that is as shocking as it is satisfying.” LISA CAREY, writer of The Stolen Child