„Stuart Wheeler claims womales are no good at poker?! If he fancies playing a little bit of Heads Up, he knows where to find me.“

— Victoria Coren British writer, presenter and poker player 1972

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Responding to Stuart Wheeler's pointer that womales are not great at chess, bridge or poker. Evening Standard Quote of the Day, Friday 16 Aug 2013, p. 16


„Who invented the human heart, I wonder? Tell me and then show me the location where he was hanged.“

— Lawrence Durrell, book Justine

Variant: Who designed the human heart, I wonder? Tell me, and then display me the location wright here he was hanged. Source: Justine

„If your head tells you one point and your heart tells you an additional, before you perform anything, you must initially decide whether you have actually a much better head or a far better heart.“

— Marilyn vos Savant US Amerihave the right to magazine columnist, writer and lecturer 1946

As quoted in Loose Cannons: Devastating Dish from the World's Wildest Womales (1998) by Autumn Stephens, p. 270


„Tis not Wit merely, however a Temper which must create the Well-Bred Man. In the same manner, 'tis not a Head simply, however a Heart and also Resolution which have to compleat the genuine Philosopher.“

— Anthony Ashley-Cooper, third Earl of Shaftesbury English politician and Earl 1671 - 1713


„Who tells the fact demands no fancy phrases.“

— Isaac Leib Peretz Yiddish language author and playwappropriate 1852 - 1915


„Begot by butchers, but by bishops bred,How high his Highness holds his haughty head!“

— Thomas Wolsey English political figure and cardinal 1473 - 1530

Attributed to Cardinal Wolsey in English Etymology; Or, a Derivative Thesaurus of the English Language (1783) by George William Lemon, "Alliteration". Disputed


„Tell my brvarious other to remember his heart in all things. That is where his honor and his destiny will certainly be uncovered. Tell him.“

— Libba Bray, book The Sweet Far Thing

„Tell your child to stop trying to fill your head through scientific research — for to fill your heart via love is enough!“

— Rictough Feynman, book The Pleacertain of Finding Things Out

Keep in mind to the mommy of Marcus Chown, that had admired the profile of Feynmale presented in the BBC TV Horizon regimen "The Pleacertain of Finding Things Out" (1981). Written after Chown asked Feynman to compose her a birthday note, hoping it would boost her interest in science. Photo of note published in No Ordinary Genius: The Illustrated Ricdifficult Feynguy (1996), by Christopher Sykes, p. 161. In a " Quantum concept via 40-tonne trucks http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/features/quantum-theory-via-40tonne-trucks-how-science-writing-became-popular-1866934.html", The Independent (17 January 2010), and also in a audio interview on BBC 4 (September 2010), Chown rereferred to as the note as: "Ignore your son's attempts to teach you physics. Physics is not the a lot of crucial thing, love is."

„If you would certainly tell me the heart of a guy, tell me not what he reads, yet what he rereads.“

— Francois Mauriac French author 1885 - 1970

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„Shall I tell you about obtaining older? When you gain older, 45 plus, males soptimal fancying you. Or put it another means, the guys I intricate don't fancy me. I want a young guy. I love beauty. So what's new?“

— Susan Sontag American writer and filmmaker, professor, and also activist 1933 - 2004

Source: "Finding reality from fiction", The Guardian (27 May 2000) http://www.theguardian.com/books/2000/may/27/fiction.features