Question: When connecting a new iPhone or iPhone that is freshly upgraded to iTunes, some civilization gained the error: "The iPhone cannot be used bereason it calls for a more recent variation of iTunes." But once they try to upday iTunes, they were told the the version of iTunes is the latest. For example:

"I just gained a new iPhone XR and also must restore backup in iTunes. But iTunes said: The iPhone "iPhone" cannot be offered bereason it calls for a more recent version of iTunes. My iTunes is, which is the latest according to Apple."

"Updated iPhone 7 to iOS 11.4 lately. After that, I"m unable to attach my iPhone to iTunes to sync or backup my phone because iPhone needs a more recent variation of iTunes. " But my iTunes is the latest variation in Windows Vista."


Answer: The factor why the iPhone requires a newer variation of iTunes even though your iTunes is at its latest version is that, after upgrading the iPhone or gaining a brand-new iPhone, the iPhone needs a higher version of iTunes than your computer system computer have the right to assistance. For instance, a Windows XP PC can run iTunes at the many. So once you have an iPhone or iPad needs an iTunes of higher variation than, the iPhone or iPad cannot be offered in the iTunes. You can attempt to solve iPhone or iPad that needs a newest variation of iTunes through the complying with approaches.

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1. macOS - Fix "This iPhone Cannot Be Used Because It Requires A Newer Version of iTunes"

Tbelow are device requirements for an iPhone or iPad to job-related through iTunes. If you gain an iPhamong a more recent version (iPhone XR, XS), it probably cannot be provided through iTunes bereason it is not compatible via your computer.

For iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, it calls for OS X 10.11.6 or later on and iTunes 12.8 or later on Mac.

For iPhone X and iPhone 8, it calls for Mac OS X 10.10.5 or later and also iTunes 12.7 or later on.

For iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE, iPad Pro, your Mac must run on OS X 10.9.5 or later with iTunes 12.5 or later on.

So the initially point you have to do is to check your Mac and iTunes versions and also check out if they are compatible via your iPhone or iPad.

Check the Operation System and also iTunes on Your Mac

On your Mac, click the Apple icon on the top menu bar and also click "About this Mac". You can then watch the OS variation of your Mac. To inspect the iTunes version, click Help > Check for Updates.

Upgrade macOS

If the operating mechanism of your Mac is lower than the minimum need of your iPhone/iPad. You need to upday your Mac by going to the App Store > Updays.


After updating your Mac, you deserve to update your iTunes version. You can update iTunes on Apple App Store or go to (opens new window) to download the latest iTunes.

You should currently have the ability to usage your iPhone through iTunes. To stop the error "the iPhone cannot be provided bereason it needs a newer variation of iTunes", you deserve to go to iTunes > Preferences…> Modern and set iTunes to examine for brand-new versions immediately.

2. Windows COMPUTER - Fix "This iPhone Cannot Be Used Since It Requires A Newer Version of iTunes"

If you are utilizing iPhone via iTunes on Windows COMPUTER, the iPhone deserve to additionally call for a newer version of iTunes when your iTunes version or Windows variation is not compatible.

iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max needs COMPUTER Windows 7 or later on through iTunes 12.9 or later on to sync with iTunes;

iPhone X and 8 needs Windows 7 or later via iTunes 12.7 or later.

For iPhone 7, SE, iPad Pro on iOS 11, it calls for Windows 7 or later and also iTunes 12.5 or later.

As you deserve to view, for iPhone and iPad on iOS 10 and above, it requires iTunes version 12.5 to work with iTunes. However before, Apple has stopped support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. PC on Windows XP/Vista have the right to only upgrade to iTunes version at the the majority of. So you will gain the iPhone needs a more recent version of iTunes error once you try to connect an iPhone on iOS 11 or above to iTunes on Windows XP or Vista.


If you have a Windows XP/Vista computer system, tright here is not much you deserve to carry out to make the "iPhone cannot be used" error to go away. You deserve to try to:

Install Windows 7 or above on your PC. Then install the latest version of iTunes on your COMPUTER.


3. How to Sync iPhone to Mac or Windows COMPUTER without iTunes

If your iPhone cannot be used because it needs a newer version of iTunes but you should sync information from iPhone to Mac or Windows PC, you have the right to carry out without iTunes. DoTrans (opens up new window) is an iTunes alternative that can conveniently deliver iPhone, iPad data to computer or various other iOS gadget without erasing information. It is an extra direct way to move iPhone data. Here is exactly how it functions.

Tip 1. Download DoTrans on your computer.

Step 2. Run DoTrans and also Connect your iPhone to computer system.

Tip 3. You will view all iPhone information on DoTrans: photos, music, videos, contacts, messages. You can choose them and also click Export to PC to sync information to COMPUTER. Or you deserve to click Export to Device to copy the data to various other iOS gadgets.


Tip: You have the right to likewise go to DoTrans toolbox and move all information to COMPUTER in one click.

4. How to Resave iPhone Back-up without iTunes

If you have actually a backup in iTunes but is unable to use the iPhone through the iTunes, you might usage iPhone Documents Recovery (opens up new window) to extract data from the iTunes backup. iPhone Data Recoexceptionally deserve to detect iTunes backups on your computer and extract the data in the backups. Unchoose iTunes, iPhone File Recoextremely supports the Windows XP, Vista and the older version of Mac.

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Here is exactly how to extract data from iTunes backups on Windows or Mac (opens new window).