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A lot of people sex Envy as a male, however it claims they"re gendermuch less. That"s canon. Why did world use "he", then? Was it because people didn"t know to use the gender neutral identical "they"?


Quick answer: Yes.

Long answer:

The habit of referring to Envy with male pronouns goes earlier all the method to the early days of FMA. Although we understand from guidepublications that Envy is nonbinary (genderfluid? I’m not really sure of the specifics yet whatever), their gender never before actually comes up within the narrative, and also those guidepublications might not have actually been out at the time that FMA was first translated.

In addition, characters via vaguely androgynous (by western standards) appearances choose Envy are pretty prevalent in manga. While it’s occasionally feasible to identify a seemingly androgynous character’s gender based upon their Japanese pronouns, as far as I understand, Envy always describes themself and“kono Envy” (”I, Envy”) quite than, say, the masculine“ore” or feminine“atashi” or anypoint like that.

Envy looks like the type of character who is generally a guy; Nonbinary personalities aren’t all that common, and in basic nonbinary identities weren’t also recognized in the beforehand 2000s as they are now, so it’s very most likely that beforehand translators looked at Envy and also just assumed they were a dude based on common manga tropes. On optimal of this, Envy in the 2003 anime genuinely is male, being the failed attempt at resurrecting Dante and also Hohenheim’s son, and is referred to as such.

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Of course many English-speaking FMA fans are going to speak to Envy“he” if they don’t recognize any kind of better, bereason that’s just how everything in English describes them- for the factors I simply defined above. I hope that the new edition of the manga will certainly adjust Envy’s pronouns, yet regardmuch less, now you know wright here it came from.

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