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The scene inside Facebook headquarters

If you have actually ever before review the Bible you figure out pretty quickly that if you desire to get everywhere in life you pretty a lot need to devote yourself to either God or the Devil. For example, Robert Johnkid came to be a well known guitar legend by making a address the Devil at a lonely crossroadways in Mississippi. Faust offered his soul to Mephistopheles for the love of a woguy, and so on.

So what world have to be asking currently is what deal did Mark Zuckerberg make to go from being some nerd in a Harvard dorm to among the wealthiest and also many powerful men on Planet in just a couple of brief years? If the Scriptures is any kind of overview, a barobtain had actually to have been struck somewbelow alengthy the road, and also it’s beginning to look favor it wasn’t with God. There simply doesn’t seem to be any other explacountry.

This morning I was watching all the fuss over the Facebook IPO on TV (the biggest in technology history) reasoning exactly how artists toil and labor all their resides and even the wealthiest and also a lot of famous among them never end up being worth 20 billion dollars. Not Sol LeWitt, not Jeff Koons, not Julian Schnabel, not Andy Warhol or even Picasso. And while we’re at it, not Earnest Hemingmethod, not Stephen King, not David Milch, not even the wealthiest Oscar winner of all time, Stalso Spielberg, whose net worth, after a lifetime of making blockbuster movies, is estimated to be a mere $3 billion. Even Larry Page, cofounder and CEO of Google, is just worth $18.7 billion — but note that Page is 10 years older than Zuckerberg, so imagine wbelow Zuckerberg will certainly be in 10 years!


King of the Blues Robert Johnboy and also Mark Zuckerberg

I lugged up Larry Page on purpose because at leastern Google has actually “Don’t be evil” as component of their mission statement. Facebook has actually no such point and generally transforms its cryptic privacy rules so nobody ever knows what is mutual, what is public, and what is deleted. So if Facebook is not restricted by such moralistic comes to, what is it that guides Facebook as a company? A feeling of destiny?

In the last year alone Facebook has assisted to permit the transformations in Tunisia, Egypt, Yeguys, Libya, and Syria. It’s also been central to arranging Occupy Wall Street. So while on the surconfront this might show up to be a good and moral thing — enabling people to communicate openly — it has actually been quietly making a killing offering ads and also user indevelopment at a large profit.

From Revelation 13:1–2 

Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I observed a beast climbing up out of the sea, having actually salso heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and also on his heads a blasphemous name … The dragon (Satan) provided him his power, his throne, and also excellent authority.

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So might Facebook be headed in this direction:

From Revelation 13: 16–18

And he causeth all, both tiny and also good, wealthy and also bad, cost-free and also bond, to get a mark in their right hand also, or in their foreheads: And that no male could buy or market, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beastern, or the variety of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath expertise count the variety of the beast: for it is the variety of a man; and also his number is Six hundred threescore and also six.

In fact, the exceptionally method Facebook collects data and also watches eextremely move their individuals make and also the means it attaches itself to cell phones, websites, and products you purchase virtual, it’s all designed to be prefer a virus you can’t eliminate. Is that evil?

So, is it possible the Facebook symbol will be the mark of the beast? It’s currently integrated right into nearly eexceptionally website and also smart phone. Now that the firm is public it will should rise revenue each quarter. So if, choose Google, they currently collect your data, market it to the highest bidder, and also treat customers prefer sheep to be advertised to, what’s the following logical step? Their own cell phones? Handorganized tools you must use if you want to buy things? Could that be what “note on the hand” means? Maybe Facebook could launch its very own data-collecting phones and also overcome the digital wallet company, adding all your financial information to your Facebook web page. All your friends can check out what you just bought or sold, no matter where you are. Would that be considered evil?

Some customers reportedly think so because they are currently filing a course activity lawsuit, charging that “Facebook has been imappropriately tracking the Net usage of its members even after they logged out of their accounts … Thilo Weichert, the information security commissioner for the north Gerguy state of Schleswig-Holstein, was quoted in the Germale everyday newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung warning shareholders to be mindful that if European privacy authorities have their way, ‘Facebook’s company version will certainly implode.’ ”

While it’s true Facebook is essentially a data-mining agency and appears to have no clear moral compass, it has actually been good to at leastern one artist. A few years earlier David Choe painted murals in their first Silsymbol Valley office and got paid in stock alternatives. He is now worth between $200 and $500 million dollars. I am not certain where he fits right into Bible prophecy (David and Goliath?), however he have to be in tright here somewright here. You can hear his not-so-biblical story below on the Howard Stern show. Who knows, maybe he will certainly be an angel and spreview some of that dough around in the Bay Area art scene?