With children, one thing is certain: they EAT, and if your children need gluten-free snacks for after institution time or to pack in their lunches, parental fees this particular day have actually many alternatives. Tright here is an ever-growing list of brands and carriers via widely marketed gluten-complimentary snacks for youngsters, plus most conventional selections that you can not have thought were gluten-cost-free. We put our favorite gluten-complimentary snacks for kids to the Nima test.

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Fruity and Chewy Snacks

One of the timeless snacks of childhood, Fruit Roll-Ups are gluten-complimentary, and many kids (and let’s confront it, adults) love them. In truth, the Fruit Roll-Ups brand also has a variety of gummy-style fruit snacks on the industry, and while they aren’t commonly marketed as such, they are all labeled gluten-cost-free. These favorites incorporate Fruit by the Foot, a wide range of Mott’s brand also fruit snacks, and Gushers, a fruit snack through a juicy center. For a rather healthier option, popular brand also Annie’s additionally functions a line of “Bunny Fruit Snacks” that are not only gluten-free however made from all organic ingredients. We tested a some of these ourselves, and they all obtained smiles!


Nima pro tip: Remember to check out our video on just how to test gummy or chewy snacks with your Nima!

Pudding Cups

Just around eextremely son ever loves pudding cups, yet extremely few on the industry are billed as gluten-complimentary. However before, mindful checking of labels reveals virtually all the renowned brands and spices are gluten-cost-free. One exception verified to be Safemethod Kitchens brand pudding cups, which carry out not bear the gluten-totally free label on the packaging however don’t appear to have any type of ingredients that differ from other significant brands. Both brands tested gluten-free via Nima.


Chips, Pretzels and also Dips

While at first the crunchy-salty snacks might be worrisome, there are lots of gluten-totally free snacks in this category that your youngsters will love. Many of these brands are well labeled and claim their gluten-totally free condition loud and proud, so finding them is a little bit easier. One of the brands via the widest selection of gluten-cost-free chips and also snacks is Late July, whose certified gluten-free tortilla chips come in crispy yellow corn and also a selection of flavors prefer jalapeno lime, buffalo queso and even sriracha! Other popular chips brands that function gluten-free snacks are Boulder Mountain through a line of kettle cooked potato chips, and Luke’s Organic, which functions a line of multi-grain and also seed crackers and also multigrain and potato chips that are all gluten-free.

Once aget, testing revealed all smiles!


When it comes to salsas, a lot of arrays on the industry are naturally gluten-cost-free yet some salsas can be made via vinegar that has actually been distilled from gluten-containing grains. Salsa and various other dips have the right to be tested by your Nima, however remember if you are testing chips as well to crunch the chips into tiny pieces to make the test even more trustworthy.

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Nima pro tip: Here’s a quick overview to experimentation tough or crunchy foods.

DIY Healthy Gluten-complimentary Snacks

With youngsters, ready-to-go snacks deserve to regularly be most basic, yet if you choose homemade or organic snacks to processed foodstuffs, there are several gluten-free snacks for youngsters. The ever before famous “ants on a log” – celery and peanut butter via raisins on optimal – is naturally gluten-totally free (though be sure to check the ingredients on your alternative of peanut butter. It’s rare to find a brand also that’s NOT gluten-free.) Sweeter choices include fresh fruit – like apple or oarray slices – or unsweetened dried fruit is constantly a healthy gluten-cost-free snack, obviously, and some youngsters will also eat carrot sticks as snacks! Vegetables, who knew?