The prices on this French restaurant tab currently encompass a organization charge — so you don’t need to leave anypoint additional unless the service was exceptional.
To tip a valuable cab driver, favor this happy one in Turcrucial, simply round up the fare.
By Rick Steves

Here's a tip: Don't anxiety over tipping.

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While tips are appreciated no matter where you travel, tipping in Europe isn't as automatic nor as generous as it is in the US, and in many type of nations, tips aren't supposed at all. The correct amount depends not only on the nation you're in, yet, just as in the US, on your sources, tipping philosophy, and also the scenarios.


Restaurant tips are even more modest in Europe than in America. At restaurants, check the food selection to view if service is included; if it isn't, a tip of 5–10 percent is normal. In the majority of locations, 10 percent is a big tip. If your bucks talk at house, muzzle them on your travels. As a matter of principle, if not economic climate, the neighborhood price should prevail. Please think me — tipping 15 or 20 percent in Europe is unnecessary, if not culturally ignorant.

Tipping is an problem just at restaurants that have actually waiters and waitresses. If you order your food at a counter (in a pub, for example), don't tip.

At table-service restaurants, the tipping etiquette and procedure differ slightly from nation to nation. But in basic, European servers are well paid, and also tips are thought about a small "bonus" — to reward good organization or for simplicity in rounding the full bill to a convenient number.

In Mediterranean countries, the "organization charge" (servizio in Italian, service in French, servicio in Spanish) have the right to be tackled in various methods. Sometimes the menu will certainly note that the company is had ("servizio incluso"), interpretation that the prices provided on the menu currently have actually this charge developed in. When the business is not included ("servizio non incluso"), the service charge might show up as a separate line item at the end of your bill. Fixed-price tourist deals encompass business.

In north and also eastern Europe, the menu or bill is less most likely to deal with the "service charge," yet you have the right to generally assume that it's contained in the prices. Lately, some restaurants — specifically those in well-touristed locations in Germany and also Austria — have actually included a "Tip is not included" line, in English, to the bottom of the bill. This is misleading, as the prices on any food selection in these countries do include organization. I wouldn't pointer one cent more at a restaurant that has this note on the bill.

Typically, it's better to hand the pointer to the waiter when you're paying your bill than to leave it on the table, particularly in busy locations wright here the wrong party can pocket the readjust. Servers like to be tipped in cash also if you pay with your crmodify card (otherwise the tip might never before reach your server); in many type of situations, tbelow isn't also a line on the credit-card receipt for a guideline. (If you can't guideline in cash, you deserve to stipulate what you'd prefer to be charged prior to they run your card. When the waiter says or writes dvery own your grand full, just say or create the total you desire them to charge you, through the reminder contained, as you hand also over your card.)

In Germanic countries, quite than leaving coins behind on the table (thought about slightly rude), locals normally pay directly: When the server comes by via the bill, ssuggest hand over paper money, stating the complete you'd prefer to pay. For example, if paying for a €10 meal via a €20 bill, while handing your money to the server, say "Eleven, please" (or "Elf, bitte" if you've obtained your Gerguy numbers down). The server will certainly save a €1 tip and also offer you €9 in readjust.

Extra Restaurant-Tipping TipsAll restaurant prices in France include a 12–15 percent service charge, so locals guideline extremely bit, if at all.Across Mediterranean Europe, a 10 percent company charge is ususally built into your bill. If you wish, you can add an extra €1–2 for each perkid in your party, or about 5 percent. (If organization is not included, or it's a particularly uprange restaurant, tip as much as 10 percent.)If you order at a respond to in Spain — for example, when sampling tapas at a bar — there’s no should tip, though you have the right to round up via a few small coins.London restaurants generally incorporate a 12.5 percent business charge in the bill; if so, it's not vital to tip at all. (But if the bill in a British restaurant reflects no organization charge, tip 10–12 percent for good service — a tiny more than you would on the continent.)In Scandinavian countries, the company charge typically included in your bill may go to the restaurant owner rather than your server, so for great company, include 5–10 percent. This also holds for uprange restaurants in Turkey.Speaking just a few Czech words will most likely obtain you much better business in the Czech Republic, and also you won't be supposed to reminder even more than a neighborhood (if you greet your waiter in English, he'll intend a 15 percent tip).In Greece it's taken into consideration bad form to leave a single euro, even for a little full — if business isn't already contained in the bill and it's for, say, €10, leave a €2 pointer.Iceland also is an emphatically no-tipping country. A side effect of the tipmuch less society is that waiters in Icelandic restaurants are normally happy to split the bill for groups.

Virtually almost everywhere in Europe, you can perform as the Europeans execute and (if you're pleased with the service) add a euro or two for each person in your party. In exceptionally touristy locations, some servers have noticed the Amerihave the right to obsession via overtipping — and also could hope for a Yankee-dimension guideline. But the great news is that European servers and also diners are much even more laid-ago around all this than we are. Any guideline is appreciated, the stakes are low, and also it's no significant deal if you choose the "wrong" amount. Don't shed sleep over walking out of a restaurant in Europe without tipping.


For taxis, simply round up to the following euro on the fare (to pay a €13 fare, provide €14); for a long ride, to the nearemainder 10 (for a €76 fare, offer €80). If the cabbie hauls your bags and zips you to the airport to help you catch your trip, you can want to toss in a tiny more. But if you feel favor you're being propelled in circles or otherwise ripped off, skip the guideline.


At hotels with porters, pay the porter a euro for each bag they bring. It's nice (but optional) to leave a tiny tip in your room for the housemaintaining staff once you depart.

Tour Guides

Guides who give talks at public sights or on bus or boat tours frequently host out their hands for tips after they provide their spiel. If I've currently passist for the tour or admission to the sight, I don't tip additional (but if you desire to guideline, a euro or two is enough for a project well done).

If taking a group tour — for circumstances, a two-hour city walking tour — a reminder of €2–5 per person is correct, depending on the dimension of the group (the better tip is for little groups). For a couple of hrs with a exclusive overview, a pointer of €10–20 for the group is fine (even more if the guide goes above and also past, such as booking development tickets or arvarying for a driver for you).

Other Services

In general, if someone in the company market does a super task for you, a tip of a couple of euros is appropriate...however not forced.

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When in doubt, ask. The French and British mostly tip hairdressers, the Dutch and Swedish normally don't. If you're not sure whether (or exactly how much) to pointer for a organization, ask your hotelier or the tourist information office (yet not a waiter); they'll fill you in on just how it's done on their turf.