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About the show

My Giant Life is an Amerihave the right to truth TV series that explores the stays of 4 extraordinarily tall women. Produced by Workaholic Productions, seachild 1 of the display initially debuted on TLC on July 1fourth, 2015 with six episodes and also has since been renewed for all at once 3 periods, through the latest third installment premiering on September 17th, 2017 through brand also new episodes. Luke Ellis, Julie Pifher, Sara Reddy and also Fiona Kennedy serve as executive producers.

Life can be tough for a woguy who’s taller than your average basketround player. My Giant Life complies with woguys who are all taller than 6 feet 6 inches and also shows in excellent information what life is favor from their perspective. Ordinary acts prefer loading a dishwasher or obtaining into a vehicle can be a challenge, not to point out the unbearable task of finding a mate when you’re considered a huge. The 3rd seaboy features Haleigh, Alicia Jay, Katja, Lindsay, Krista and also Coco as well as their spooffers and partners.

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#NameAir Dates
1My Giant Baby Sep 17, 2017
2Variety in All Sizes Sep 24, 2017
3Abcommonly Tall Oct 1, 2017
4Tall Jokes Oct 8, 2017
5Going Bigger Oct 15, 2017
6No Ships Like Friendships Oct 22, 2017
7Legit 7 Footer Oct 29, 2017
8Shortest to Tallest Nov 5, 2017

#NameAir Dates
1The Year of Lindsay Jun 7, 2016
2Big Girl in a Tiny Chair Jun 14, 2016
3Tall Freak Jun 21, 2016
4The Tallest Patient Jun 28, 2016
5Lindsay Takes Over the World Jul 5, 2016
6Tworries for Your Issues Jul 12, 2016
7In Love with a Tall Woman Jul 19, 2016
8USA of Lindsay Jul 26, 2016

#NameAir Dates
1A Family of Giants Jul 14, 2015
2The Tallest Girl in Texas Jul 21, 2015
3Being Tall is Expensive Jul 28, 2015
4We All Have Our Uniqueness Aug 4, 2015
5The Shortest One in the Housage Aug 11, 2015
6Big Updates Aug 18, 2015

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