MGM and also Sony Near Deal to Acquire SOUTHPAW; Kurt Sutter Says the Boxing Story Parallels Eminem"s Career
Kurt Sutter Says SOUTHPAW Is Based on Eminem"s Life. The boxing career of the primary character in Southpaw parallels Eminem"s rap career.

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It"s time for a status examine on Southpaw. Last we heard, DreamWorks let the task go, and the filmequipments were shopping it elsewhere. I have actually been rooting for Southpaw to find a house because of the intriguing arsenal of talent: Eminem starring, Antoine Fuqua (Brooklyn"s Finest) directing, a script by Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy). Southpaw won"t need to wander too a lot longer, bereason that project also enticed a variety of studio suitors. MGM is apparently the frontrunner to gain the film through a bid that locations Sony in charge of circulation.

Sutter"s manuscript adheres to a welterweight boxing champion (Eminem) whose life is upended once tragedy strikes. Hit the jump for more on the story, consisting of Sutter"s explacountry of just how it parallels Eminem"s career.

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Sutter told Deadline:

“In a means, this is a extension of the 8 Mile story, however rather than a literal biography, we are doing a metaphorical narrative of the second chapter of his life. He’ll play a human being champion boxer who really hits a difficult bottom, and has to fight to win ago his life for his young daughter. At its core, this is a reinforming of his battles over the last five years of his life, making use of the boxing analogy. I love that the title describes being a lefty, which is to boxing what a white rapper is to hip hop; dangerous, unwanted and completely unorthodox. It’s a much harder road for a southpaw than a right-handed boxer.”

I uncover Eminem to be one of our many fascinating entertainers, and also a captivating screen visibility in his one attribute film function. I was currently on board as soon as I thought it was your basic inspirational sporting activities story; the real-life facet adds a nice layer to the drama.

Do you think Eminem will certainly ever before act in a movie that is not based on his life? Kinda solipsistic, however I don"t know that I have to check out the rapperbranch out. (Random Acts of Violence can be that project if it comes together.)

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