Plans for a middleweight title fight between Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker will certainly likely need to wait until 2022 after the rematch was originally intended to take place at UFC 268 in November.

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At first, the UFC had actually targeted Adesanya vs. Whittaker 2 for the event on Nov. 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York yet COVID-19 restrictions have compelled the promovement to adjust its plans. Whittaker’s manager Titus Day initially common the news through the Daily Telegraph in Australia with extra sources confirming the alters to the upcoming fight to MMA Fighting on Friday.

“Rob had been told he would certainly be fighting at Madichild Square Garden,” Day told the publication. “But tright here have been some worries since and also it can’t take place. Apparently, Adesanya could get right into America for the fight, yet he wouldn’t have actually been able to acquire ago to New Zealand instantly afterwards .

“So while we know the fight is going to happen, it’s currently become a matter of as soon as. Unfortunately, provided everything going on with COVID in Australia and also New Zealand also at the minute, it may not be until early next year.”

New Zealand and Australia have actually issued some of the a lot of restrictive bans on take a trip due to the global pandemic, which has resulted in dramatically reduced infection rates and deaths as a result of COVID-19 however it’s likewise mostly isolated the nations from the rest of the human being.

Earlier this week, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced plans to gradually start reopening the country by relaxing the strict rules in place for travelers, however that won’t go right into effect until at some point in beforehand 2022.

Right currently even New Zealand citizens are forced to undergo a 14-day quarantine after returning to the country and due to a backlog of travelers together with limited room in government-funded framework, some world are required to continue to be away from house for months at a time.

PFL contender Genah Fabian, who trains alongside Adesanya at City Kickboxing in New Zealand, told MMA Fighting that she’ll take a trip to the USA for her fight on Aug. 19 and also still hasn’t received a ticket required to rerotate residence yet.

Fabian included that tickets are released in bunches for New Zealand citizens for travel and also currently every one of those accessible have actually been handed out with November, which indicates she won’t likely have the ability to return home until December at the earliest.

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“At this time it’s unrecognized how long I’ll be based in the claims,” Fabian told MMA Fighting. “But it will be at least until November, December.”

As for the plans for UFC 268, a welterweight title fight recomplement in between Kamaru Usmale and Colby Covington is still presently expected to headline the occasion.