This is my seachild for grace and favor

Woke up singing: “This is my seachild for grace and favor, this is my season to reap what I have svery own. Everypoint is working together for my great. Everypoint is functioning together for my good!”

I know God is leaning in my direction! Major breakthroughs last night, this morning, not simply for me, but for those that He has dubbed for us to intercede for.

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I’m trying to find a supernatural miracle this day that will reason some significant points to come forth for the work-related of the kingdom that I have been assigned to perform. I save hearing limitless sources, angels, unmindful, unchallenged blessings, surpincreasing breakthroughs, inexplicable healing occurring.

God is bringing forth a ‘recuperate all’ atmosphere.

As I was praying last night, I observed angels breaking down the gates of hell and also I heard the Spirit of God sassist they are going in to get our stuff and return what has actually been stolen!

I feel VICTORY! Good God almighty, I feel it all the method down in my pinkie toe. I hear marrieras restored unfaithful spoprovides coming house restored by the power of God. Phone calls coming through this day that will blow our minds areas enlarged major doors open up for those in minisattempt for such a time as this.

I observed chains breaking, bonderas be loosed, the power of God going forth to deliver this day.

It’s a “let God order your steps” day. Some shall walk right right into their kairos minute. Major prophetic movement is occurring this day I feel a God deserve to perform anything but fail belief upon the land also. Lord order my steps order my measures expose your plans soptimal Lord speak!

My heart is leaping leaping leaping! Excited expecting waiting to receive the manifeterminal of the assures and also prophecies. My spiroutine eyes are wide open my spiritual ears are listening. Ready for what God has for us on this particular day. Lord whatever you are doing in this season don’t perform it without me.


It’s something as soon as jealous people be trying to be sneaky with a word that you understand is completely opposite than what God has actually provided you. That’s why I shut them dvery own totally.

Sometimes I have to count to ten prior to I rebuke them, so I won’t go fleshly warrior on them. In instance civilization don’t understand, you can’t curse anybody that God has actually blessed.

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People, constantly listen carefully to what world say. They might start off with the reality and also get you excited, then they try to slip those cursed words in while you pelevating God!

~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Minisattempt, The Next off Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and also Spoken Word School of Minisattempt and she is on a mission traveling the civilization proclaiming the Gospel for heart to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has actually a mandate on her life to assist brings others to their magnificent function.