1  adj You use great to define something that is incredibly large. Great is more formal than huge. ADJ n The room had actually a good bay home window., ...a great hall as long and high as a church.  

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2  adj 
Great implies large in amount or level. I"ll take excellent care of it..., Benjamin Britten did not live to a good age.  
3  adj 
You usage great to define something that is necessary, well known, or interesting. ...the good cultural accomplishments of the past..., America have the right to be good aacquire.  ♦ greatness  n-uncount A country have to take particular dangers to achieve greatness.  
4  adj 
You have the right to explain someone who is successful and famous for their actions, expertise, or skill as good. usu ADJ n Wes Hall was as soon as one of the West Indies" great cricketers., ...the great George Padeven more.  ♦ greatness  n-uncount Abraham Lincoln completed greatness.  
5  n-plural 
The greats in a specific subject or field of activity are the people who have actually been many effective or well known in it.  (JOURNALISM) via supp ...all the greats of Hollywood., ...cycling"s all-time greats.  
6  n-plural 
The greats of well-known modern music are documents that have actually succeeded and also that proceed to be well-known.  (JOURNALISM) ...a medley of rock"n"roll greats.  
7  adj 
If you define someone or something as great, you grant of them or admire them. INFORMAL, approval Arturo has actually this good area in Cazadero..., They"re a great bunch of guys..., I think she"s excellent.  
8  adj 
If you feel excellent, you feel extremely healthy and balanced, energetic, and enthusiastic. feel ADJ I feel simply excellent.  
9  adj 
You usage excellent in order to emphasize the dimension or level of a characteristic or quality., (emphasis) ...a great huge Italian wedding., ...her sense of colour and good eye for information.  
10  exclam You say great in order to emphasize that you are pleased or enthusiastic around somepoint., (feelings) Oh great! That"ll be great for Fergus.  
11  exclam You say great in order to emphadimension that you are angry or annoyed around something., (feelings) `Oh excellent," I thought. `Just what I need."  
12  n-in-names Great is offered as part of the name of a types of plant or pet as soon as there is another species of the same plant or animal which is smaller and has actually different characteristics. ...the great white shark.   → greater 
 Great- is used before some nouns that refer to family members. Nouns developed in this way describe a relative that is a further generation away from you. For example, your great-aunt is the aunt of one of your paleas.  prefix ...Davis"s great-grandmom.  
Great Britain 
 Great Britain is the island consisting of England also, Scotland also, and Wales, which in addition to Northern Ireland also renders up the UK.  n-proper (=GB) 

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