Janet Jackboy was the the majority of prominent and also important Jackson for me flourishing up. I admired Michael, but I LOVED Janet, complying with her career from break-out pop star to an progressively confident and also nuanced solo artist. For awhile I bought eexceptionally album the week it came out, memorized the songs, tried to copy her dance moves. She made me want to be a dancer.

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The "Rhythm Nation" music video for me was the pinnacle of her dance awesomeness – Janet at the optimal of her game flanked by badass dancers in military-style uniforms. This video still inspires me this day as a dancer.

This year, both in tribute to Janet, and in response to the #nastywoguy meme that has actually been going around this election, I thought this was the perfect time to dress as her for Halloween.

Surprisingly, tright here are few guides digital for exactly how to produce a Janet Jackson costume. Tright here have to be numerous instructions, handmade accessories, and full-on costumes that one deserve to purchase to dress choose Michael Jackboy. But nowright here near the same level of interemainder in Janet. This was the finest I can uncover.

So I made my own.


Here's just how to make your own DIY, no-sew Janet Jackboy ala "Rhythm Nation" costume. And you deserve to too! Let's gain started…



Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation" Costume


Here's what I supplied for my costume, some of which I owned, and also a couple of items that I purchased:

Babsence, military-style capBlack jacket – best with shoulder pads, fitted, short lengthBlack pantsCombat bootsClip-on hoop earringSilver foil tape from the hardware storeThin cardboard (I offered a shoebox)Small silver chain (I used a cheap bracelet)Black permanent markerElectrical or towel tapeA little paper clip



Make Two "1814" Medallions

Janet wears 2 big medallions on her chest and also hat that say "1814" on them. (By the means, the number 1814 refers to the year that the "Star-spangled Banner" was written, a reference to the social and also political concerns referenced on the album.) Here's just how I made mine:

Trace a rough approximation of the medallions onto cardboard. The one on the hat is around 4×2". The one on the chest is 6×3". Cut both of them out.Cover them in silver foil tape on one side.Caretotally draw onto the tape the 1814 logo design and other details.Take two of the pins and tape them to the ago of each of the medallions.Take a brief item of chain (mine was 7" long) and also tape it to ago of the bigger one, so that it hangs down loosely.Afdeal with the medallions to the front of the hat and the left chest of the jacket.



Make Five "Buckles"

Janet's jacket has actually silver buckles on the front. I made 5, two on the left side, and also three on the ideal. Instructions:

Trace and cut out 5 rectangles (2" x 1.25") from the cardboard. Trim the corners so they look even more prefer buckles.Cover them in silver foil tape on one side.Tape a pin to the back of each one.Draw a vertical line on the rectangles to make them look a little even more prefer buckles. I'm sure you might carry out more, however I was lazy.Pin the butloads to the front of the jacket, 2 on the left side, three on the appropriate.


Make a Key Earring

The crucial earring is a important part of the outfit, an accessory that Janet wore in several music videos and photos. You can most likely simply use a actual vital, yet that would certainly be too heavy I think, so I made one out of cardboard.

Trace and also cut out a crucial making use of the cardboard. Make sure it has a small hole cut right into it.Cover it in silver foil tape on both sides.Take a little paper clip and also twist it right into a pair of circles favor a key-ring.Attach the "key" to the paper clip ring.Attach the paper clip ring to the earring. 


Make "Metal" Glove Pieces

 Janet has actually these pieces of steel attached to her gloves that are pretty cool looking.

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Trace and cut out two small rectangles from the cardboard.Cover them in foil tape on one side. Draw four "rivets" onto the rectangles.Tape a pin to the ago of each one.Using the pin and also some tape, affix them to the backs of your two gloves.


 That's it! It must take no more than an hour to prepare, if you have all the products. 

I hope you discovered this helpful. Frankly, I'm surprised it turned out as great as it did, offered my lack of crafting skills. I'm sure you deserve to perform a lot better! I'd love to check out any kind of pics if you developed your own Janet costume.  



BONUS: Check out this awesome Rhythm Nation flashmob done a couple of years ago in the Bay Area. I wish I can have actually remained in this!