Action movie star Jean Claude Van Damme is just one of the most well-known encounters from Hollytimber in the 1980’s & 1990’s. His duties in Kickboxer and Bloodsport made him a superstar, and he went on to star in leading functions in multiple box office smash hits.

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His jumping kicks and dapper appearance made him a reduced above the rest during Van Damme’s prime, and it wasn’t just martial arts duties he could fill.

Jean Claude Van Damme starred alengthy side Dolph Lundgren in the 1992 smash hit ‘Universal Soldier’

The Muscles From Brussels

Van Damme’s fame didn’t come without a certain level of adversity though, as addiction and the temptation of Hollywood life presented many kind of troubles for ‘The Muscles From Brussels.’

After being arrested for driving under the affect of cocaine in 1999, JCVD went cold turvital and also kicked the halittle. He was additionally diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, openly talking around the condition in many type of media appearances.

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Going earlier to his martial arts roots (fighter in between 1976-1982), Jean Claude Van Damme is continuing his heritage by teaching his skills to the youth. But not only that, he has a smoking hot daughter who is also a very dangerous martial artist.

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This is Bianca Brigitte Van Damme. As you are around to check out, she is proceeding her renowned father’s legacy through pride. She’s an up and coming 25-year old actress from Los Angeles, The golden state and also she recently adopted her father’s screen name ‘Van Damme.’


Bianca Van Damme Interview

From TrainWreckdSociety

We recognize that you obviously had actually some significant impacts in your life, but I’d like to know what made you personally want to sign up with the human being of acting? What did you uncover the majority of attractive around the field?

Personally acting has never before been somepoint I wanted to attain in my life but growing up in the sector, obviously mindsets change. My major goal is to straight and prior to stepping into that I was constantly told it’s smart to know what it’s like in front of the camera prior to stepping behind it. I’ll tell you somepoint funny, I’ve constantly wanted to attain so much in one life time and also realized you might only really have actually one “career” option, wether it’s a doctor or a mechanic, and so on That constantly freaked me out and also made me realize via acting I could be anypoint I want so that’s what really made think, “Hey, this isn’t that bad” I intend what’s much better than a grown up playing pretend? I love watching the standards from cary grant and also Audrey Hepburn etc, I really gain lost and also I desire people to get shed while watching my movies wether its what I’m in or directing.

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So the family name resides on, take a look at some even more pictures of the ‘Beauty From Brussels’ and also wait for the following announcement of a vast Van Damme martial arts action flick.