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Home Town: Charlotte, NC

Medical School: Ross College School of Medicine

Clinical Interests: Right now, my interests incorporate acute/critical treatment, community wellness and also functioning in undeoffered communities. Also, I arrangement to pursue a career in Academic Medicine in the subspecialty I ultimately pick.

Personal Interests: TRAVELING!!!!! I love to take a trip and also discover brand-new areas. New Orleans is my favorite city on earth. Tright here is simply somepoint about the good food, music and also exceptional society that makes the city so attractive. I am a sporting activities fanatic and love playing basketround and also football when I have the right to find an open gym or field. I love barbecuing on a charcoal grille. Also, street tacos are my favorite food on the planet and I am constantly trying to find new taco restaurants to attempt.

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Home Town: Augusta, GA

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia

Clinical Interests: I am incredibly passionate around teaching youngsters around exactly how their bodies work and also why correct nutrition is so crucial. I am likewise interested in discovering exactly how various types of families have the right to make nutrition a priority and what resources are obtainable to those that need it.

Personal Interests: First, Go Dawgs Always!! Secondly, I love to dance! I have actually been dancing since I was 2 years old and I have actually done all kinds. Right now I largely perform Zumba so I deserve to obtain my dance resolve and work-related out in at the same time. Right currently I’m extremely into travel and also seeing the human being. I additionally choose trying brand-new restaurants and hanging out with friends!! Oh and my favorite TV display is either Gilmore Girls or Grey’s Anatomy depending on my mood.


Home Town: Trumbull, CT

Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School of the Medical College of Hampton Roads

Clinical Interests: I am interested in populace and also community health and wellness through a emphasis on health and wellness literacy, health education and learning, and worldwide health. I check out myself practicing hospitalist or adolescent medicine yet I am maintaining an open mind!

Personal Interests: : I"m a vast foodie so I love baking, potlucks, and also trying brand-new foods and also restaurants. My perfect day would involve analysis a book on the beach, dessert, and several Hulu/Netflix.


Home Town: Williamsburg, VA

Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School

Clinical Interests: I am interested in general pediatrics and Allergy and also Immunology. I likewise have actually interemainder in area outreach and international wellness.

Personal Interests: I love to check out brand-new places (close to and also far) and spend time outdoors, particularly at the beach! I gain trying brand-new restaurants, baking, and also trying out my creative side via photography and also painting.


Home Town: Hopkinsville, KY

Medical School: University of Louisville School of Medicine

Clinical Interests: Overall my career interests are still pretty wide. I enjoy a mix of inpatient and outpatient medicine and procedures. Right now I might see myself pursuing GI, Allergy/Immunology or Neonatology. I am additionally interested in kid advocacy and global health.

Personal Interests: I love traveling to different places and experimenting other societies. I gain trying brand-new foods items and also going to concerts/reflects. Dancing, running, and also cycling are my favorite methods to remain physically energetic. And I"m looking forward to spending even more time at the beach and also experimenting all the exceptional things that St. Petersburg/Tampa area has to offer!

Home Town: Los Angeles, California

Medical School: New York Medical College

Clinical Interests: Pediatrics.In all seriousness, I"m keeping an open up mind and also letting the next couple years display me what I really gain a lot of around Pediatrics and also what I"m great at. The the majority of important thing is I"ve already favored the ideal area within medicine, and if you"re reading this, so did you.

Personal Interests: Being via family members and friends, creative and also critical writing, English literary works, film and also art, 1980s power ballads, running

Home Town: Davenport, IA

Medical School: University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine

Clinical Interests: Medical education, resident wellness, preventative health, global wellness, social competency, social components of health and wellness, community health and also advocacy, and also son psychiatry.

Personal Interests: Anypoint on the water! I love going to the beach or pool, and experimenting all that St. Pete hregarding sell. I likewise gain yoga, cycling, dancing, sunshine, spfinishing time through my tremendous resident family members and my actual household, and also analysis.

Home Town: Champaign, IL

Medical School: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Clinical Interests: I arrangement on pursuing a career in basic pediatrics. I love establishing continuity through my patients and their families. I am interested in preventative healthcare and also I enjoy educating parents on what to mean as their youngsters prosper, and helping my patients with acute disease.

Personal Interests: I perform not take into consideration myself a foodie, however I love to eat, so I look forward to trying brand-new restaurants roughly the St. Petersburg location. I love baking, and have actually attempted making a few recipes from The Great British Bake Off. When I"m not spfinishing time via my fellow interns, you can discover me on my couch watching a movie or dvery own by the pool.

Home Town: Irvine, CA

Medical School: College of Central Florida College of Medicine

Clinical Interests: I have actually always loved transmittable disease, however maintaining all alternatives open for the future! I’d love to eventually execute a mix of both inpatient and outpatient, and incorpoprice international health and wellness and also outreach to underoffered neighborhoods.

Personal Interests: Vegan dessert fanatic, Rush Cycle St. Pete, dance, yoga, traveling, keeping up with the latest brand-new things to carry out in the Sunshine City!

Home Town: Phoenix, AZ

Medical School: College of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix

Clinical Interests: My clinical interests are fairly varied ranging from important care medicine and toxicologic emergencies to major care preventative medicine and breastfeeding medication. I am likewise exceptionally passionate about healthtreatment plan, patient and huguy appropriate advocacy through its translation right into public wellness.

Personal Interests: My favorite location to be is almost everywhere via my adorable baby girl and tremendous husband! I am an absolute sucker for the ocean and will certainly retreat to float in the salty water at any kind of possibility. I"m additionally a substantial fan of traveling, cooking, and also abusing my Amazon Prime privileges.

Home Town: Marietta, GA

Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine

Clinical Interests: General pediatrics outpatient

Personal Interests: I love any time that I acquire to hang out with my husband also and also my dog! I additionally enjoy traveling, spending time external, lounging by the ocean, and crafting via my Crireduced. I’m also a lover of all points music! I reap playing piano, going to concerts, and anything Broadmeans.

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Home Town: Albany, GA

Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine

Clinical Interests: Medical education, hospital medicine and also treatment of youngsters via complicated clinical history

Personal Interests: Hanging out via my dog, sunset and dolphin watching, laying on the beach

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