Sarah Jessica Parkercame right into fame in the 1990s as soon as she took on the lead function in HBO’sSex and the City. That wasn’t her initially foray into Hollywood, though. Parker had spent years living and functioning in the entertainment sector.She dated famed men and also ended relationships through themin extremely public methods. It wasn’t until 1991 that she got a true taste of what worldwide levels of fame felt prefer, though. Her taste of worldwide fame came as soon as she started dating John F. Kennedy Jr. The well known actor as soon as explained their six-month-lengthy romance as “the Kennedy fiasco.”

Sarah Jessica Parker dated John F. Kennedy Jr. briefly after her break-up from Robert Downey Jr.

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Before settling dvery own through Matthew Broderick in 1997, Parker dated some pretty high-profile guys. Before she briefly connected with Kennedy, Parker dated another junior.Robert Downey Jr.and also Parker met in 1984 on set and dated until 1991. Downey Jr. has been candid about what finished their serious, irreversible relationship. According toIn Style, Downey revealed that his drug addiction inevitably brought about their breakup. He made himself clear in several interviews that Parker tried to help him, yet drugs and drinking were never before her scene.


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In a 1992 interwatch withThe New York Times, Parker declared she had no concept what she was getting right into as soon as she met the young Kennedy. While she had actually remained in movies and tv mirrors and dated famous males before, no one she crossed courses with had actually the exact same level of fame asJFK Jr.She noted that seeing pictures of them in tabloids together as soon as she assumed no one was roughly felt suractual.

John F. Kennedy Jr. | Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection using Getty Images

Parker would certainly go on to earn considerably more notoriety. A few years after the romance finished, she landed the duty ofCarrie BradshawinSex and also the City. Even as a very recognizable New Yorker, Parker has kept a low public profile. Her personal life and also the stays of her three children are largely off-limits.

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Sarah Jessica Parker defined why she’s remained quiet around her time with the youngest boy of John and also Jackie Kennedy

Due to the fact that Kennedy’s passing, Parker has shied amethod from answering any type of concerns about him or the relationship they had. She’s never before spoken about their six-month tryst, the finish of their romance, or exactly how his 1999 death influenced her. To be fair, by the moment Kennedy passed away, Parker had actually moved on and married Matthew Broderick. Kennedy had actually met and marriedCarolyn Bessette-Kennedy, at that point, also. Still, she knows the public is curious.

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Parker insists she’d feel comfortable answering questions about their time together if he were alive this day. In 2017, she sat dvery own with Andy Cohen and also explained why she has actually remained quiet about America’s Prince since his death. Throughout aWatch What Happens Live via Andy Cohenappearance, Parker shelp, “…if he were accomplishing all the points that I’m specific he was going to achieve, and living a really joyful and also adventurous life then I would certainly probably feel more comfortable answering more concerns around him.”