PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- August 25 marks the 3 year anniversary of previous UNITED STATE Senator John McCain"s death, via many kind of paying homage to McCain. 

McCain"s daughter, Meghan, posted a heartfelt tribute to her dad on her Instagram web page Wednesday morning. "You left a void in this people by leaving it that will never before be filled," said Meghan. "I miss out on your laugh, your humor, your wisdom, your food preparation...I miss out on everything. I love you forever before, Dad."

Cindy McCain additionally tweeted about the fatality, "Three years this day you left for heaven. I miss you eexceptionally second of eexceptionally day!" 

Three years now you left for heaven. I miss you eextremely second of eexceptionally day!

— Cindy McCain (

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McCain passed away on Aug. 25, 2018 after a fight with glioblastoma, a form of cancer that affects the brain. McCain announced he had actually cancer in 2017, and passed away simply a year later at his Sedona ranch. 

Vice President Kamala Harris likewise phelp tribute to the previous senator. Harris is presently in Vietnam as part of a one-week expedition with Southeastern Asia. Wednesday morning, Harris put flowers on the Hanoi Memorial Site, where McCain"s plane was shot dvery own in 1967 during the Vietnam War. 

In the pouring rain below in Hanoi, VP Harris took a minute of silence and lassist flowers at the monument wbelow John McCain’s aircraft was swarm down by the North Vietnamese in 1967. It’s the three-year anniversary of McCain’s death.

— Alexandra Jaffe (
ajjaffe) August 25, 2021

Governor Doug Ducey additionally paid homage to McCain via a Twitter post. "Today, Arizona remembers a beloved public servant and hero - Senator John McCain," wrote Ducey. "He was the type of leader that always put nation before self, and also 3 years considering that his passing, he is missed dearly on." 


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