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August 2005
simply ask the question... come untie the knot say you wont care...May. 2fourth, 2005

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06:13 pm

wow for some odd reason i luv that line in the song.. i cant think college is over.. execute u kno just how u constantly wish college is over then once it is your like wow it went by soo quick.. yea i tend to execute that soo a lot.. i cant wait to sleep in.. well i want to begin off and also create around the stupid crap that has actually been goin on... initially things really gain to me and also for some reason i host then in and tend to host grudges versus human being instead of acquiring it out and letting it go when it taken place.. well thats basically the difficulty now..ive been kinda annoyed of a person(and also you kno who you are)yet instead of talkin to the perboy around the problem i just believed the means to solve it wregarding stop them and also not talk to them. I KNO STUPID!! ive just concerned realized that that simply provides situations worse... i really dont want to lose this perboy as a friend because he means the civilization to me and i dont kno wat i would perform if i did...and yea me being the perchild i am i tried to wait it out, yet the longer and much longer i waited, the worse and worse the situation got...yea and now i really regret everything i did...i hope this perchild will foroffer me, and also i hope we can make points all better.....im really sry for all the world i have hurt and also i hope it all blows over...

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we obtained to acquire in much better shelp its all in our head.we might live via these letters or forobtain it all together. check out the months they dont matter its the days i cant take, when the hours move to miuntes and also im secs ameans.Just ask the question come untie the knot say you wont care, say you wont care.retrace the actions, as if we forgot say you wont care, say you care...