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Well-currently just because you think you"re so pretty, Just because your Mama thinks you"re warm (you"re not! )Just because you think you"ve gained something, That no - body else has actually got.(You"ve obtained that certain nothin"! )You understand you made me spfinish all my moneyYou laughed, and also dubbed me old Santa Claus.Well I"m telling you, honey, I"m with via you, Since, simply be - reason.Oh, just because you think I"ll be lonesome, Just because you think I"ll be blue, Just bereason you think I"d be foolishTo continue to be roughly at residence and wait for you.Though you made me drop all my fortune, You laughed, and referred to as me old Santa Claus.Well I"m telling you, honey, I"m via via you, Since, simply be - reason, Since, simply be - cause
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