be mindful, bear in mind, think about, follow, save eye peeled, store tabs, listen, mark, mind, mind the store, note, observe, pick up, regard, ride herd on, check out, take alert of, toe the line, watch, watch out, watch over, watch the keep

Idiom Scenario 1

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Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Looks like we are going to have to discontinue Product A.

Colleague 2: Why? What happened?

Colleague 1: We didn't keep our eye on the ball and our main competitor made some significant improvements to their product. They also dropped the price and basically pumelted us out of the market.

Colleague 2: We need to watch our rivals even more very closely later on.

Idiom Scenario 2

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A father and also daughter are talking ...

Father: Well. You are going off to college following week and also we need to have actually a chat.

Daughter: OK.

Father: You are going to find that tbelow will certainly be many type of distractions at college. There are several sports groups and extra tasks, not to cite the parties and boys.

Daughter: Sounds prefer fun.

Father: But you should remajor vigilant with your researches. Yes, have actually some fun yet constantly store your eye on the ball. Your main emphasis have to be your studies. The entirety allude is to complete college and also acquire a degree.

Daughter: Thanks Dad. I will pay careful attention to my studies.

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to save your eye on the ball - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 156

to store your eye on the round - Gerund Form:

Keeping your eye on the ball at all times is important once operating hefty machinery.

to store your eye on the round - Examples:

1) Eincredibly life is a journey and also you have to perserious and also keep your eye on the ball.

2) ... will certainly lead to missteps and missed opportunities. And ultimately, keep your eye on the ball, the ball being your key objective.

3) ... at any type of given time, and to not lose your nerve. To keep your eye on the ball, yet to be constantly thinking about what you're making and also ...

4) Unless you repetitively keep your eye on the ball, particular gains that you think you had actually are going to slip ...

5) It simply takes the majority of nerve and also emotional control to keep your eye on the ball in those conditions and realize that everyone else is hurting.

6) That's not a bad thing, as lengthy as you keep your eye on the ball and also your imaginative vision undamaged.

7) ... you store them well capitalized and also keep your eye on the ball on prices, balance sheet and reserves.

8) It's essential to learn in junior high that you carry out need to keep your eye on the ball and examine for tests.

9) It is so vital for us to keep our eye on the ball and not panic, not succumb to fear, because ...

10) We should keep our eye on the ball and also work-related in the direction of it and also in the meantime ...

11) But we have to keep our eye on the ball; our focus is to advocate for quality health treatment services for ...

12) We simply have to make certain we keep our eye on the ball jointly and also try and spot anything as shortly as it might begin ...

13) Let's keep our eye on the ball and also remain vigilant to ensure the conviction of those who truly deserve ...

14) ... will certainly always go wrong, so be ready for it. Successful startups keep their eye on the ball, pay attention to competitors, and they're constantly ready to ...

15) ... for properly instructing the jury to not be overwhelmed by gang proof and keep their eye on the ball -- which was identification.

16) We have to keep an eye on the ball. It is exceptionally straightforward to speak to the shots from the sidelines ...

17) ... be responsible in every little thing I do. I constantly need to remember to keep my eye on the ball, remain focused on what I'm doing and also not be swpermitted ...

18) It's extremely interesting, however I should keep my eye on the ball. Tright here will certainly be many hard occupational to execute in ...

19) We are making fun of this administration's capability to keep its eye on the ball. When the people is in turmoil and the economic climate is broken.

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20) ... arising market optimism running high, South Africa will certainly must "keep its eye on the ball" if it desires to boost its ranking in the emerging industries.