Top 10 Key & Peele Episodes (According to IMDb) Keegan-Michael Key and also Jordan Peele"s Key & Peele is as hilarious as it is groundbreaking. We"re ranking the best episodes, according to IMDb.

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The Comedy Central comedy sketch show, Key & Peele, ran for 5 solid and hilarious periods and also focused on Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele in eextremely skit as numerous different personalities. Both Key and Peele have the ability to play level-headed personalities or completely outrageous personalities so it"s constantly a surprise that will play who or if they"ll both be playing outrageous personalities in any type of offered sketch.

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After the show"s finish, both have actually moved onto film as Key has actually turned to acting and also Peele has actually turned to directing. It"s excellent to see both of their careers prosper after Key & Peele, but we"ll never forget their iconic sketches from the display, let"s revisit the top-rated episodes of the series.

This episode"s sketches incorporate a PSA that helps prevent children from being turned into son soldiers by giving fake beards. Key and also Peele fight over which among them deserve to be the only babsence member of an a cappella team full of white guys. We check out Meegan and also Andre"s initially day and also how Meegan treats waiters.

Members of a terror team are compelresulted in open food trucks because of the high-profit margin. Key and Peele are two old males that go to a bar and talk about music, mixing up Drake and also drink. As usual, it"s a solid and also hilarious episode through an iconic Meegan and Andre sketch.

The "Obama College Years" episode has actually a sketch of exactly that, Jordan Peele playing a young future President Barack Obama in his college years in a 1980"s house video of him smoking cigarettes weed and also planning a party.

Key and Peele try to join in on a Civil War reenactment with evident racist ramifications that they"d be servants in the reenactment. Jesus conserves Mary Magdalene from her overbearing pimp. Any episode that has Jordan Peele depicting Barack Obama is constantly a winner, and also this one"s no different!

This episode has a substitute teacher sketch from Keegan-Michael Key"s iconic sub that mispronounces the students" names in a roll call, choose Aaron as A-Aron. Jordan Peele has an worry through his girlfrifinish figuring out he"s been clearing the internet history on their common lapoptimal every time she leaves the residence.

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The two-act and also sing as Jean Valjean and Javert in a Les Mis sketch that wonders how anyone deserve to hear the songs once everyone is singing at the very same time. It"s a hilarious episode that civilization still quote years after it first aired and also sfinish gifs of a profusely sweating Peele.

7 Alien Imposters (S4 E1) - 8.1

Key and Peele attempt to discover the distinction between aliens and also humans by testing those they come right into call via by prompting them with stereotypical questions about race. Peele tries to figure out the particulars of a gay wedding by bringing in his co-worker who happens to be gay (Key) and tries to gain them to understand also that it"s not really various from a right wedding.

We watch Peele"s President Barack Obama meeting a line of people and communicating in a different way through each one. Key and Peele dress and also act favor stereotypical rednecks, however subvert eincredibly expectation as they talk at a bar. Key plays a girl power popstar who has actually some questionable songs and faces some difficult questions from fans.

This episode contains a sketch that sees a gangster attempt to get involved in a drive-by that easily drops acomponent. A mommy (Peele) sends out a tape of her rapping to her son at college that embarrasses him at initially and then ends up impressing his friends. An episode of Undercover Boss wbelow an employee tries to backtrack once he realizes that the new male was the boss all alengthy.

Big Boi interacts through Andre 3000 and he wishes he wouldn"t have run into him at the coffee shop in the initially area. Key and also Peele obtain right into an accident and Peele avoids sharing his insurance information at all prices.

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5 Michael Jackchild Halloween (S2 E6) - 8.2

This Halloween themed episode sees Key and also Peele in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, however easily realize that eincredibly single zombie is racist and refsupplies to chase or attempt to bite them. Key shows up to a Halloween party and also cannot sheight his Michael Jackkid impression.

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The three real-life victims of a Human Centipede reunite via two happy to see each other and also the 3rd just hoping to relocate on previous the trauma. There"s additionally a Harry Potter spoof as we visit an inner-city wizarding school that doesn"t acquire as much funding as Hogwarts. An episode that"s worth a watch at any kind of time of the year, yet certainly worth a Halloween watch!

Key and also Peele play 2 elderly church ladies that define exactly how they would certainly deal with Satan if the devil doesn"t let go of their family members, in an outrageous sketch that continually escalates to a hilarious conclusion.

Peele tries to tell his co-worker Key a joke, however can"t obtain it out through Key"s giggling. Peele goes to Key to acquire a new mattress and also gets even more information about the customer"s life than he bargains for. We view Key and also Peele have actually some relatable misinteraction about tone over text.

3 Meegan and also Andre Break Up (S5 E10) - 8.2

In this episode, Andre attempts to break up via Meegan and sees terrible results. Key and Peele gain into a fight in the club and Key doesn"t understand also the "host me back" trick. Peele plays a rapper who has a complicated time walking out of an intercheck out after being asked about his connection.

Peele plays a guy who is hilariously delighted to be upgraded to Economy Plus on his flight. Key gets a new mustache, dog, and house decor and also Peele can"t make him understand also the apparent issues.

This episode sees 2 rappers through totally different formats trying to sing on the very same track. Peele plays a reexhausted hardened warrior and Key comes to him to obtain a referral for a task, yet Peele"s oblivious as he says he"ll reluctantly come out of retirement for the project and also will certainly carry out anypoint to prove he"s the ideal choice.

The first skit of Key"s iconic substitute teacher character sees him take roll speak to and also is frustrated as he feels he"s appropriately pronouncing everyone"s names and also they"re just messing through the substitute.

1 The End (S5 E11) - 8.3

The last episode of the series sees Peele sing a couple of various other movie themes as Ray Parker Jr., who sang the Ghostbusters" layout. Key tries to snap Peele out of it as soon as he can not sheight saying "deez nuts" also in the many depushing of situations. Key hregarding contact 911 but can not emphasis on the security of the woguy who fainted because he"s falling in love via her.

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Peele sings in a movie musical variation of an all-black town where they all live in harmony and also don"t need to problem about being prejudices. It"s an excellent send-off for the show as it ends via a couple of minutes of fun bloopers, Key and Peele finally reaching their location, yet instantly turning around and also driving off on the stranded highmethod.

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