Athletes have actually mastered the art of answering media inquiries without really answering the question at hand also. Eextremely inquiry of an interviewer is met with a politically correct answer, but the true nature of the question is left unanswered. ‘Give a 100 percent’, ‘we executed’, and also ‘it simply went our way today’ are phrases that have the right to be heard in a myriad of post-game interviews, through eexceptionally answer even more tiresome than the next. These phrases are so redundant in the sports human being that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele made a sketch mocking the predictable postgame responses of athletes.

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Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are the masterminds behind the Comedy Central hit present, Key and also Peele <1>. Key and also Peele are sketch artists that parody present occasions, the more controversial the better. One of the most renowned topics parodied on Key and also Peele is the civilization of sports. Their sketch, “Ozmataz Buckshank Postgame Interview” mocks the post-game interview of a generic, star athlete <2>. On the oppowebsite finish of the spectrum is Key and also Peele’s skit referred to as “East vs. West College Bowl”, in which they spoof the ridiculous names of up-and-coming collegiate athletes <8>. In this sketch, the character Ozmataz Buckshank was born. In “Ozmataz Buckshank Postgame Interview”, the “MVP of today’s game”, Ozmataz Buckshank, is asked to “walk us through the last play” by a standard interviewer. Buckshank, played by Jordan Peele, replies with a standard answer, “We had to go out there and give a 100 percent, we executed and also it just went our way today.”

The next question around the game they lost last week was met through a similar answer, “We played play by play and gave it a 100 percent.” Buckshank has actually a detached demeanor while he answered every question in the same unrevealing manner. The interviewer, played by Keegan-Michael Key, tries to communicate Buckshank by asking concerns unconcerned the game, such as exactly how he feels about being a brand-new father, yet he is met via a repetitious comment eincredibly time. Key’s interpretation of the average sportscaster is spot-on; he is articulate and capable of asking provocative questions, however every question is one we’ve heard a million times prior to. In some methods, both the interviewer and also Ozmataz Buckshank are guilty. Even though the audience might attempt to blame Ozmataz Buckshank for providing the one-note answers, the interviewer is guilty of asking cookie-cutter questions. Key and Peele regulate to hilariously ridicule the unoriginality of athlete’s post-game answers, while highlighting the unenthusiastic players that answer them.


Keegan-Michael Key and also Jordan Peele in their Comedy Central skit, “Ozmataz Buckshank Postgame Interview”.

Off the field, athletes are expected to answer inquiries from a myriad of sports reporters. Recently, Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Seattle Seahawks, showed his true affections towards the media on the Super Bowl XLIX Media Day <3>. “I’m simply right here so I won’t gain fined,” proclaimed Marshawn Lynch, “so y’all deserve to sit below and also ask me all the concerns y’all desire to, I’m going to answer through the very same answer.” Marshawn Lynch responded to eexceptionally question by disinterestedly saying, “I’m simply here so I won’t get fined.” Marshawn Lynch’s repetition parallels that of Key and Peele’s Ozmataz Buckshank and also validated the redundancy in answers that Key and Peele paropassed away in their skit “Ozmataz Buckshank Postgame Interview”.

The Media Day that Marshawn Lynch attfinished was compelled for all athletes, however “Lynch ongoing to flaunt the preeminence that requirements players cooperate via the media” <4>. The previous year, Marshawn Lynch was fined $100,000 dollars for not cooperating with the media, according to the NFL Media Policy <5>. Even though the duties of a footround player revolve approximately their physical abilities, the NFL enacted a policy which “mandays that players need to be obtainable to the media during exercise week at the team facility and in the locker room complying with all games” <5>. The NFL calls for media participation as component of the project summary for footround players.

The media necessity is a menial aspect of a footround players task, but deserve to cause significant backlash if the player states somepoint unfavorable or negative. Eexceptionally year, the NFL geneprices about $7 billion in revenue from their media countercomponents, CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, DirecTV, and also Verizon <7>. Without these media outlets, the NFL would be lacking a large percentage of their earnings. This might describe the factor for the plan necessity of athletes to answer media concerns. In order to meet the football fans and also the media outlets, the NFL need to enact a plan for their athletes to provide the viewers what they desire. However before, the media backlash of a scandal have the right to damage a players career, so athletes are trained to sculpt the a lot of diplomatic answers as possible while still satisfyin the NFL media policy.



Marshawn Lynch at Super Bowl XLIX Media Day, January 27, 2015.

Key and also Peele have lugged the persona of Marshawn Lynch to life in their latest skit “Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman’s Joint Press Conference” <6>. With already over five million views, Key and also Peele maneras to bring humor to the absurd world of sporting activities media. Jordan Peele over exaggerates the disinterestedness Marshawn Lynch display screens to the media, while Keegan-Michael Key amplifies Rictough Sherman’s over the peak, outrageous personality. Just like Ozmataz Buckshank, Peele’s Marshawn Lynch has exceptionally little bit change in vocabulary while speaking to the media, via “biscuits and also gravy” being his the majority of prominent expression. Peele mocked Marshawn Lynch’s resentment in the direction of the media in the time of the Super Bowl XLIX Media Day and his unwavering dedication to discredit the NFL Media Policy. Meanwhile, Key’s Richard Sherguy goes off on a tangent about recent unrelated Academy Award nomicountries. Key and also Peele’s Marshawn Lynch and also Richard Sherguy represent today’s athletes in relation to the media. Athletes tfinish to be unresponsive to the media’s inquisition, or they are passionate about getting their very own suggest across fairly than answering the question the interviewer originally intfinished.



Key and also Peele parody Richard Sherguy and Marshawn Lynch at the Super Bowl XLIX Media Day.

Key and also Peele are recognized for mocking current occasions in the media, while concurrently perfecting the perspectives of those being mocked. Whether it be fictitious personalities, such as Ozmataz Buckshank, or caricatures of genuine world, such as Marshawn Lynch, Key and also Peele bring humor to the identification of the average experienced athlete. The too much repetition in short article game interviews reflects how athletes are invarious to the relentmuch less questioning of the media, however are additionally aware of the results of media backlash. Marshawn Lynch manperiods to carry a breath of fresh air to sporting activities via his refusal to conform to NFL Media Policy, while Key and also Peele acknowledge the connect in between conformity, athletes, and also the media.



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