This pursuit deserve to be acquried from Huntsman Bertorganize in Rattay. Listen very closely to the imitation of the Nightingale song so that you know what to listen out for when in search of them. Once you are certain that you recognize the tune sensibly well, make your means to the woods (Vranik Forest) west of Rattay.

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Search the area highlighted on the map for Nightingales. It is not constantly possible to see them, but you will certainly note their presence by adhering to the sound of their song.

Once you have located a Nightingale by sight or sound, discover the empty bird cages in your inventory (in the ‘Other’ category), drop one on the floor and action amethod from it. When the Nightingale song ceases it has actually properly been recorded.


When the Nightingale is caught, the cage will certainly have a piece of fabric covering it as a additionally indication that you have the right to pick it up.

Pick up the cage and repeat the process till you have caught all 3 Nightingales. Take note of wbelow you wander in the forest; tbelow are a variety of bandit camps throughout.

With all 3 of the Nightingales caught, take them ago to Huntsguy Berthold to finish the quest.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open-human being RPG collection in the last throes of the Middle Ages. The year is 1403 and also the Kingdom of Bohemia is about to be plunged into chaos. Henry, a resdient of the castle town Skalitz, is the child of a renowned blacksmith. When Skalitz is struck, both of his paleas are eliminated by the invading pressures of Hungarian King Sigismund, led by Sir Markvart von Aulitz. Henry"s pursuit then becomes your own; to precise vengeance upon those who damaged his hometvery own, friends and also household. Alengthy the means, Henry finds himself embroiled in the affairs of the great lords in the area. Rather than give in to the hatred fueled by the fatality of his boyhood, Henry decides to end up being a man and assist in any kind of method that he deserve to against the ramifications of the assault on Skalitz.

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