Watch Ringo Starr, Kings of Leon, Bob Seger Pay Tribute to the Eagles

Vince Gill, Juanes, Steve Vai also chipped in at star-studded Kennedy Center Honors event


An inter-generational ensemble of musicians convened to celebratethe Eagles and also percreate numerous of the band’s most well known hits at the 3ninth Annual Kennedy Center Honors previously this month. The evening’s other honorees contained Mavis Staples, James Taylor, Al Pacino and the pianist Martha Argerich. CBS aired the unique Tuesday night.

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Ringo Starr offered as an MC of sorts during the Eagles tribute segment, opening the proceedings with a brief speech. “I am honored to be right here this evening to honor the Eagles, consisting of my brother-in-law, Joe Walsh, who compelled me to carry out this,” he sassist. He then quickly introduced Kings of Leon, who rollicked through “Take It Easy” through assistance from a soothing group of backing singers.

Watch President Obama Commfinish Eagles at Kennedy Center Honors


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Next off up was Colombian musician Juanes, that yielded a meaty rendition of “Hotel California” alongside guitarists Steve Vai and Steuart Smith. The two players break-up the initially half of the song’s signature guitar solo prior to ripping with the second component in unikid, bringing the track to a riff-happy close. Colorful riffs played a central function in Vince Gill’s “Peaceful Easy Feeling” as well, even as Gill carried the mood back to calm country rock. His sterling pedal steel guitarist repetitively burst through the song’s calm glide through slashing runs.

The evening ended through arena punch and mass sing-alongs: Bob Seger, that co-composed the Eagles’ 1979 single “Heartache Tonight,” jabbed his means through the track as the crowd clapped in unikid to the heavy beat. All the performers then joined together to sing “Life in the Fast Lane” while Ringo danced goofily in the background.

Though the Eagles were initially slated to be honored in 2015, the band postponed as a result of the late singer/guitarist Glenn Frey’s health difficulties. Frey died in January.

Speaking at the occasion, President Obama lauded the varied team for both their talent and also wide-getting to influence. “Their legacies are measured not just in terms of works of art but the resides they’ve touched,” he told the crowd.

How Glenn Frey’s drug dealer, Don Henley’s king-dimension mattress and also otherelements played into The Eagles’ “Hotel California.”

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