On the seaboy finale, Gocha stirs up fresh drama among the stylists bring about a heated confrontation, and things go from poor to worse as soon as Leah is puburned to her breaking allude. On the other hand, Kim proceeds to look for perfection while placing >>

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LA Hair Seaboy 5 Episode 5 – ‘I Snatched Your Weave!’

On episode 5 Jay’s heated fight with Giorgio pushes her over the edge and lead to drinks being thrvery own and wigs being pulled off, forcing the cameras to shut dvery own. On the other hand, points obtain tense and fresh drama brews when Gocha >>


LA Hair Seaboy 5 Episode 4 – ‘Making the Cut’

On episode 4 anxiety ignites as soon as Kim holds surprise evaluations; and also one stylist gets reduced from the salon floor. Meanwhile, Kim decides to accomplish up with Gocha in effort to squash their recurring beef and move forward, however she doesn’t >>


LA Hair Seachild 5 Episode 1 – ‘The Kimpire Strikes Back’

On the Seaboy 5 premiere Kim Kimble ditches all of her old employees and carry in a new team of stylists to shake things up at Kimble Studios. Meanwhile, Naja spies on the other stylists for Kim, and points obtain >>


WATCH: James Wappropriate ditches Patti Labelle’s pies & join the actors of LA Hair Season 5 (extended trailer)

James Wideal might be finest well-known for helping Patti Labelle market millions of pies by singing her praises in a viral video, however exterior of eating pies and singing throwbacks, he’ll currently also be helping Kim Kimble market a >>


WATCH: Kim Kimble ditches the old actors & fill up some fresh deals with in the LA Hair Seakid 5 trailer

When Seachild 5 of LA Hair rolls roughly, don’t suppose to see as well many of the acquainted faces or fan-faves from the display that you’re supplied to seeing currently that Kim Kimble and also WeTV has ditched the majority of of the >>


WATCH: Confrontations obtain heated and also accusations fly in the teaser for the LA Hair Season 4 Reunion

WeTV’s display screen authors should be tired after having actually to hammer out 13 episodes of scripted scenes for Seaboy 4 of LA Hair, and also now that the actors has actually put their improvisational acting abilities to good usage their ready to >>


WATCH: Kim Kimble get ratchet and Gocha gets dissed in the sneak peek for LA Hair Seachild 4 Episode 7

Normally if a company deal goes bad and you disagree via the regards to a contract, the skilled thing to execute would certainly be to at least attempt to negotiate or just hand also them earlier their paperwork-related and chuck the >>


WATCH: Basketround Wives LA beauty Malaysia Pargo heats up the preview for LA Hair Episode 6

As LA Hair star Kim Kimble proceeds to clash with hair king Jonathan Antin and also be an example to the human being of how having a bad perspective and also a large ego can hold you earlier professionally, ATL’s Gocha Hawkins is >>

Now that the feisty women of WeTV’s Cutting It In The ATL are wrapping up their premiere season, they are passing the torch over to the animated cast of Kim Kimble’s LA Hair to carry on the salon battles and ratchet wig >>

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With a pair of feisty brand-new stylists on board at Kim Kimble Hair Studio, and K.Michelle, Tia Mowry, Lala Anthony, Wendy Raquel Robinson and a couple of other celebs collection to make guest appearances, Season 4 of LA Hair is >>

LA Hair finally earned their spot in the ratchet truth tv top ten after including Black Mafia Family bad girl Lisa B to the actors last seakid and hammering out a pair of salon brawls, yet with Seaboy 4 >>