The Republihave the right to presidential candiday has end up being component of an additional internet meme that claims he has actually a doppelganger. This time he"s been mistaken for a woguy on Maury Povich"sdaytime talk show.

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The woman, figured out by the name Searcy, was a guest on "Maury" on Monday and also quickly after, a close-up screenshot of her confront went viral online. On Wednesday, Povich declared imeras of the woguy had been regarded "millions" of times because her appearance on his display.

Searcy is just the latest perchild to become linked to Cruz online because of a physical resemblance. Cruz has likewise been compared to Fight It Out basketround player Grayson Allen.

Grayboy Allen states he doesn’t look favor Ted Cruz, is only perboy alive who thinks so.

— VICE Sports (
VICESports) March 19, 2016

Stryper lead singer Michael Sweet.

So I guess my doppelgänger is
tedcruz? Guess I better cancel the
Stryper tour so I can emphasis on my campaign;-)

— MichaelSweet Stryper (
michaelhsweet) March 13, 2016

The Zodiac Killer.

“Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer”: Senator “confirmed” as infamous murderer (on Wikipedia)

— (
Salon) March 4, 2016

And perhaps the majority of unflattering, a blobfish.

Try to tell me that Ted Cruz doesn"t look specifically favor a blobfish OH WAIT YOU CAN"T.

— Alle Connell (
helloalle) January 21, 2016

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