How the pop star’s father and a team of lawyers seized control of her life—and also have held on to it for thirteenager years.

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On June 2second, Britney Spears’s monitoring team began obtaining nervous. Spears, who is thirty-nine, has actually invested the previous thirteenager years living under a conservatorship, a legal structure in which a person’s individual, financial, and also legal decision-making power is ceded to others. Called a guardianship in most says, the setup is intfinished for civilization that cannot take treatment of themselves. Since the establishment of Spears’s conservatorship, she has actually released four albums, headlined a global tour that grossed a hundred and also thirty-one million dollars, and percreated for four years in a hit Las Vegas residency. Yet her conservators, who encompass her father, Jamie Spears, have actually regulated her spfinishing, communications, and also individual decisions.

In April, Spears had actually asked for a hearing, in open court, to comment on the regards to the arrangement. It was booked for June 23rd. Members of Spears’s team, a lot of of whom have actually had little or no straight contact with her for years, didn’t intend drastic transforms to result. Two years previously, in the middle of wellness struggles and also pressure from Spears, Jamie had actually stepped dvery own from his duties overseeing her personal life, and currently the team believed that probably she wanted to remove him as the conservator of her financial affairs. A few of the team told reporters that they thought Spears favored the conservatorship setup, as lengthy as her father wasn’t associated.

Running the business of Britney had actually become routine: eexceptionally Thursday at noon, about ten world responsible for regulating Spears’s legal and organization affairs, public connections, and also social media met to comment on merchandise deals, song-license repursuits, and Spears’s posts to Instagram and Twitter. (“This is exactly how it functions without her,” one member of the team sassist.) Spears, according to her administration, generally writes the posts and also submits them to CrowdSurf, a agency employed to manage her social media, which then uptons them. In rare cases, posts that raise legal inquiries have been deemed also sensitive to upfill. “She’s not intended to talk about the conservatorship,” the team member said.

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On the eve of the hearing, according both to a person close to Spears and to legislation enforcement in Ventura County, California, where she resides, Spears referred to as 911 to report herself as a victim of conservatorship abuse. (Emergency calls in California are generally available to the public, yet the county, citing an continuous investigation, sealed the records of Spears’s call.) Members of Spears’s team started texting one one more frantically. They were worried around what Spears could say the next day, and also they disputed exactly how to prepare in the occasion that she went rogue. In court on the 2third, an attorney for the conservatorship urged the judge to clear the courtroom and seal the tranmanuscript of Spears’s testimony. Spears, calling right into the hearing, objected. “Somebody’s done a good project at exploiting my life,” she said, adding, “I feel like it have to be an open-court hearing—they must listen and also hear what I have to say.” Then, for the first time in years, Spears spoke for herself, sounding lucid and also furious, talking so rapid that the judge interjected continuously to tell her to sluggish dvery own, to permit for exact transcription. “The world who did this to me must not obtain ameans,” Spears shelp. Addressing the judge straight, she included, “Ma’am, my dad, and anyone involved in this conservatorship, and also my monitoring, who played a substantial role in punishing me once I sassist no—Ma’am, they have to be in jail.”

For the following twenty minutes, Spears defined just how she had been isolated, medicated, financially exploited, and emotionally aboffered. She assigned harsh blame to the The golden state legal mechanism, which she shelp let it all occur. She included that she had actually tried to comsimple to the court prior to but had actually been ignored, which made her “feel like I was dead,” she said—“prefer I didn’t issue.” She wanted to share her story publicly, she shelp, “instead of it being a hush-hush trick to benefit every one of them.” She included, “It involves me I’ve been told I’m not permitted to disclose the human being who did this to me.” At one allude, she told the court, “All I want is to very own my money, for this to finish, and also for my boyfriend to drive me in his fucking car.”

Spears’s remarks were incendiary yet, for world acquainted via the production and also the functioning of her conservatorship, not surpclimbing. Anattracted Gallery, a photographer who functioned for Spears in 2008, attfinished the hearing, watching the lawyers’ faces on a monitor. “As she spoke, I wanted to scream, and also gasp, and shout ‘What the fuck is going on?’ ” he said. “But the lawyers had actually no reaction. They just sat tbelow.”

The conservatorship was instituted by Spears’s family—in part out of real concerns about her psychological health, people close to the family members said. But the family was separated by money and also fame, and Spears, in an underregulated component of the legal mechanism, was stripped of her legal rights. She has actually dealt with for years to acquire them earlier.

As a pop star, Spears sustained a multinationwide industry of supervisors, agents, producers, lawyers, publicists, and also assorted hangers-on. As the topic of the conservatorship, she has actually gave for the livelihood of also even more lawyers and also various other court-appointed professionals. Jacqueline Butcher, a former frifinish of the Spears household who was current in court for the conservatorship’s development, shelp she regrets the testimony that she readily available to aid secure it. “At the time, I believed we were helping,” she said. “And I wasn’t, and also I assisted a corrupt family seize all this manage.”

Jamie Spears, that is sixty-eight, has actually graying hair and a hangdog demeanor. When he was thirteenager, he sustained an unimaginable tragedy: his mom committed self-destruction on the grave of one of her sons, that had actually passed away eight years previously, at just 3 days old. In high institution, Jamie was a basketsphere and football star; later on, he worked as a welder and also a prepare. Lynne Spears, Britney’s mommy, thrived up through Jamie, in the tiny tvery own of Kenthardwood, Louisiana. Sixty-6 years old, she has actually a smile prefer Britney’s and also thick dark hair with bangs. She used to run her own day-care facility. Friends explain her as conventional and nonconfrontational. In a conversation in June, she was fastidiously polite as she decreased to answer detailed questions about the case. She spoke in a whisper and also apologized that she might have to hang up abruptly if various other household members walked in and found her speaking to a reporter. “I obtained blended feelings about every little thing,” she shelp. “I don’t know what to think. . . . It’s a lot of pain, most concern.” She added, a small wryly, “I’m excellent. I’m good at deflecting.” Jamie and Lynne eloped once she was twenty-one, and the marriage was troubled from the start: in divorce documents filed, then withdrawn, in 1980, less than 2 years prior to Britney’s birth, Lynne accsupplied Jamie of cheating on her on Christmas Day. Jamie wrestled via alcoholism, going on benders so egregious that Lynne as soon as shelled his cooler via a shotgun.

But Jamie and Lynne functioned together to make Britney, their second child, happy and also a success. She was a born perprevious, a scene-stealer at dance recitals starting at age three. Her parents drove her to little dance competitions in Lafayette, then to bigger ones in New Orleans. They obtained money from friends to pay for gas to obtain her to auditions. Spears snagged an underresearch duty on Broadmethod and also then a scolor in the nineties variation of “The Micvital Mouse Club.” When she was sixteen, she signed a six-album resolve Jive Records, many thanks to an enterprising entertainment lawyer named Larry Rudolph, that came to be her manager. A exact and commanding dancer through an unmistakable vocal tone of sugary coyness, Spears arised as a teen-pop singularity. In 1998, the music video for her début single, “. . . Baby One More Time,” featuring a sixteen-year-old Spears in a Catholic-schoolgirl outfit, exploded across American pop culture like fireworks on the 4th of July. The pleated skirt and also bare midriff were her idea—a reality that’s sometimes cited as proof of her self-determicountry but can additionally suggest an intuition, prevalent among teen-age girls, of the endangered power of sex appeal.

Since Jamie and also Lynne had actually 2 other kids to look after, a family friend chaperoned Spears for a lot of her early on career. But Spears continued to be cshed to her mommy, and, in 2000, she built a four-and-a-half-million-dollar estate for Lynne in Kentwood. That year, according to “Through the Storm,” a memoir that Lynne publiburned in 2008, Spears urged her mother to divorce her father, knowing that “years and also years of verbal abuse, abandonment, erratic behavior, and also his sindicate not being tbelow for me had actually taken their toll,” Lynne writes. She and also Jamie divorced in May, 2002, and Spears told People that it was “the best point that’s ever occurred to my household.”

Spears had actually just damaged up via Justin Timberlake, a fellow teen-pop icon, whom she had met when she was elalso, when they were both actors as Mouseketeers. The breakup destabilized her, civilization cshed to her remember; her status as fifty percent of a golden couple had end up being an integral part of her identity, and also after the separation her sex life became a regular topic in the news. She began going out more and hanging out with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, forming a holy trinity for tabloid culture at its early-two-thousands optimal. “The paparazzi were out of regulate,” Hilton recalled, of one night via Spears at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “Fighting over gaining the shot, pushing each other versus my car, scratching it with their camages. It was overwhelming and frightening.” The hairdresser Kim Vo, Spears’s longtime colorist, remembers just how, someday, as Spears was gaining her hair done, a paparazzo scaled a wall and also broke a salon home window via his fist.

Spears distracted herself through work—a relentmuch less grind of dance rehearsals, studio sessions, photo shoots, stadium performances, long nights on the tour bus, and also hotel check-ins before dawn. “The schedule was crazier and crazier,” Julianne Kaye, a makeup artist that functioned via Spears in the early years, said. “She would certainly have bit breakdowns. She was constantly crying, saying, ‘I desire to be normal.’ ” Spears blew off vapor by partying: she smoked weed, supplied cocaine, took Molly through her dancers and also jumped into the Mediterranean Sea. But the machinery roughly her only prospered. When she toured, the crew took at leastern a dozen buses and filled whole hotel floors.

In the spring of 2004, Spears met a dancer named Kevin Federline at a night club, and also they were married within six months. Spears initially did not secure a prenuptial agreement, which motivated panic in her family members. A significant fortune was at stake. “Lynne shed her mind,” Butcher, the family friend, redubbed. “They weren’t gonna permit the wedding to be made legal.” The marital relationship contract wasn’t signed till the month after the ceremony, when Federline legally agreed to limit his stake in Spears’s estate. But Spears appeared thrilled, and also commissioned a photo shoot in which she dressed up as a French massist and also served drinks to Federline, who wore a trucker hat, cargo shorts, and also flip-flops. Spears wanted a family members. “I’ve had actually a career given that I was 16, have traveled about the human being & back and also also kissed Madonna!” she created on her Internet website, two months after acquiring married. “The just point I haven’t done so far is endure the closest point to God and that’s having actually a baby. I can’t wait!”

Spears’s initially boy, Sean Preston, was born ten months after the wedding. “Our life was running at 150,000 miles an hour,” Federline later told Us Weekly. “I’d walk right into a club and acquire a table worth $15,000 a night with unlimited complimentary drinking. . . . But whatever got so crazy.” Spears had actually been so sheltered that Paris Hilton had actually to show her how to use Google, according to a perboy that was tright here. She negotiated the hormonal and logistical turbulence of early on motherhood while paparazzi, eager to monetize her mistakes, chased her dvery own, pointing flashbulbs and also shouting provocations any type of time she left the home. After she was photographed driving through an infant Preston on her lap, she explained that she had been trying to gain amethod from paparazzi—and also besides, she added, she had grown up riding on her dad’s lap on nation roads. A few months later, visibly pregnant and also holding Preston, she stumbled while surrounded by photographers; the paparazzi maintained shooting as she retreated to a café, cradled her baby, and cried.

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Spears had actually her second son, Jayden James, in September, 2006. Three weeks later, Federline took a private jet to Vegregarding party through his friends. Spears filed for divorce in November, apparently notifying Federline by message message. At a night club, he scrawled on a bathroom wall “Today I’m a complimentary man—f**k a wife, give me my kids bitch!” He requested complete custody. While the divorce was being adjudicated, he and also Spears divided parental duties. Preston was a tiny more than a year old, and also Spears was still nursing Jayden; she wanted to be with them all the time, and also hated being at house without them. “I did not know what to execute through myself,” she shelp later on, in an MTV documentary. Spears and also Federline both went out on their free nights, but Spears was the one who became the tarobtain of tabloid blood sport. (“MOMMY’S CRYING,” Us Weekly blared, over a full-page photo of Preston.) In February, 2007, she shaved off her hair, at a salon in Tarzana; 5 days later on, she struck a paparazzo’s vehicle via an umbrella. The two events cemented her picture as “crazy.” Both were precipitated by her driving to Federline’s residence, trailed by photographers, and also being refprovided access to her youngsters.