5913177319Concentric Zone ModelA version on the interior structure of cities in which social teams are arranged spatially in a series of rings. The reduced course stays closer to the center and the top course lives farther away from the center.
5913177320They produced the Concentric Zone ModelE.W. Burgess, Robert Park, and also Roderick McKenzie1
5913177321Concentric Zone ModelBurgess Model, The Bull"s Eye Model, Concentric Ring Model, Concentric Circles Model2
5913177322Problems with Concentric Zone Model-Does not work well outside the U.S.-Does not work-related well because of alters in transport and also technology-Assumes transportation is the very same everywhere-Does not take shops and sector into account3
5913177323Zones of Concentric Zone Model (going outward)Central Business District (CBD), Zone of Transition, Zamong the Working Class, Zamong Better Residence, Commuter"s Zone4
5913177324Central Firm District (CBD)The location of a city wbelow retail and office activities are clustered. AKA main tasks district5
5913177325Sector ModelA model of the internal framework of cities in which social teams are arranged roughly a collection of sectors, radiating from the CBD
5913177326Sector ModelAKA the Hoyt Model7
5913177327Problems through Sector Model-Did not take cars right into consideration-Because of cars, human being have the right to live almost everywhere and further from the city and still travel to the CBD8
5913177328Multiple Nuclei ModelA version of city land also usage in which a city grows from several independent points fairly than from one CBD Each suggest acts as a growth center from a certain type of land use.

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As these expand also, they develop a single city area
5913177329Multiple Nuclei Model-Takes into account the differed factors of decentralization in the structure of modern-day North Amerideserve to cities-Distance degeneration is still applicable10
5913177330Problems through Multiple Nuclei Model-Negligent of building heights-Abrupt division in between zones-Unaware of inertia forces-No consideration of government policy11
5913177331Peripheral ModelA model of an urba room that is composed of an inner city surrounded by huge subcity residential and also organization areas tied together by a beltmeans or ring road-Goes with development of city sprawl-Decentralization of CBD-Works through the concept of edge cities
5913177332Edge citya reasonably large urba space positioned on the outskirts of a city, commonly alongside a significant road.13
5913177333Peripheral ModelAKA Galactic Model14
5913177334South East Oriental City ModelA model that attributes high-course residential areas that stem from the facility, middle-class residential areas that occur in inner city locations in submetropolitan locations, and also low-class earnings squatter negotiations that take place in the periphery-Mostly occurs in developing cities in SE Asia
5913177335South East Eastern City ModelAKA the McGee Model16
5913177336Problems via the South East Asian City ModelMost SE Eastern cities are promptly developing and likely to change17
5913177337Latin American City ModelCombines facets of Latin Amerihave the right to culture and globalization by combining radical sectors and also concentric zones. Includes thriving CBD through commercial spine and also a emphasis on employment and financial activity
5913177338Latin Amerihave the right to City ModelAKA Griffin-Ford Model19