The stimulus package enacted by the Federal federal government in 2009 was intended to:Select one:a. Shift the accumulation expenditures schedule downb. Cshed an inflationary expenditures-gapc. Bring inflation downd. Push the aggregate expenditures schedule upward

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In the aggregate expenditure design, which of the following variables is assumed to be independent of actual GDP?Select one:a. Profitb. Savingc. Investmentd. Consumption
In a recessionary expenditure gap, the equilibrium level of genuine GDP is:Select one:a. Less than planned accumulation expendituresb. Greater than planned accumulation expendituresc. Greater than full-employment GDPd. Less than full-employment GDP
In the Great Recession of 2007-2009, intake C and also investment Ig fell while government G broadened.Select one:TrueFalse
In the aggregate expenditures model of the economic climate, a downward shift in aggregate expenditures have the right to be caused by a:Select one:a. Decrease in government spfinishing or a boost in taxesb. Decrease in taxes or a rise in federal government spendingc. Decrease in interemainder rates or a decrease in taxesd. Decrease in saving or a boost in federal government spending
When accumulation expenditure is better than GDP, then there will certainly be an:Select one:a. Unplanned increase in inventories and also GDP will certainly increaseb. Unplanned decrease in inventories and GDP will increasec. Unplanned increase in inventories and GDP will lessened. Unplanned decrease in inventories and also GDP will decrease
In time, a rise in the real output and incomes of the trading partners of the USA will certainly many likely:Select one:a. Increase UNITED STATE exportsb. Decrease UNITED STATE exportsc. Increase imports of the U.S.d. Decrease imports of the U.S.
John Maynard Keynes arisen the accumulation expenditures model in order to understand also the:Select one:a. Second World Warb. Great Depressionc. Oil situations of the 1970s and also 1980sd. Great Recession of 2007-2009
When the economic climate is at its equilibrium GDP level, all of the following will certainly take place, except:Select one:a. Aggregate expenditures = GDPb. Inventories will certainly be zeroc. Saving equals planned investmentd. Tright here are no unplanned alters in inventories
Hopeful net exports increase aggregate expenditures beyond what they would certainly be in a closed economic situation and also hence have actually an expansionary impact on domestic GDP.Select one:TrueFalse
One significant suggest that Keynes increased concerns revenue and spending. He suggested that:Select one:a. All income is often spent in the very same duration of timeb. Oftentimes, civilization spfinish more than their incomesc. The marginal propensity to spend out of additional income is fairly volatiled. Pessimism can cause aggregate spfinishing to fall short of total output
If the expected rate of return on investment decreases, then the majority of likely the:Select one:a. Investment schedule will transition upwardb. Investment schedule will certainly change downwardc. Consumption schedule will shift upwardd. Consumption schedule will certainly change downward
John Maynard Keynes emerged the concepts underlying the aggregate expenditures model:Select one:a. In the 1960sb. In the 1980sc. As a reinforcement of Say"s Lawd. As a critique of timeless economics
Other things being equal, a decrease in an economy"s exports will:Select one:a. Increase domestic accumulation expenditures and the equilibrium level of GDPb. Decrease domestic aggregate expenditures and the equilibrium level of GDPc. Have no impact on domestic GDP bereason imports will certainly counter the adjust in exportsd. Increase the amount of imports consumed by the exclusive sector
Leakperiods from the income-expenditure stream are:Select one:a. Consumption, saving, and transfersb. Saving, taxes, and also transfersc. Saving, taxes, and also importsd. Imports, taxes, and also transfers
In an inflationary expenditure gap, the equilibrium level of genuine GDP would be:Select one:a. Greater than planned investmentb. Equal to full-employment GDPc. Greater than full-employment GDPd. Less than full-employment GDP
Net exports are negative when:Select one:a. Net exports exceed importsb. Depreciation exceeds exportsc. Exports exceed importsd. Imports exceed exports
In the circulation of income and also spfinishing, conserving and also investment are, respectively:Select one:a. An injection and a leakageb. A leakage and also an injectionc. Wealth and also incomed. Income and wealth
In 2008, the Federal government provided taxes rebate checks to taxpayers in the hope that:Select one:a. C would certainly change downb. C would certainly shift upc. G would certainly transition downd. G would transition up
One fundamental presumption of the aggregate expenditures design is that the price level in the economic situation is solved.Select one:TrueFalse
The investment demand curve relates planned investment spending to:Select one:a. Real GDP or income, whereas the investment expenditure schedule relates planned investment to interemainder ratesb. Real GDP and revenue, whereas the investment expenditure schedule relates planned investment to consumptionc. The general price level, whereas the investment expenditure schedule relates planned investment to interemainder ratesd. Real interest rates, whereas the investment expenditure schedule relates planned investment to GDP or income
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