Secrets were revealed and options ran out in The Legend of Korra season 4, episode 10. Here’s our recap of “Operation: BeiFong”!

Hello, Chief

Lin, Opal, and also Bolin are met by Toph external Zaofu, who tells them that Suyin and also her family have been moved to a prikid camp. The foursome take off for the prikid camp/manufacturing facility on Opal’s snot-happy bichild, Juicy.

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Good plan, bad reason

President Raiko is upset as soon as Varrick and Asami refuse to incorpoprice spirit rays into their new defense idea – flying mechatanks. Korra agrees that making use of that innovation is wrong (also though Kuvira is currently using it) but uses to attempt and sway the spirits to aid protect Republic City, which is currently their house too.

Prince Wu takes an extra practical view, and also suggests evacuating the city before Kuvira attacks; Raiko agrees. Mako is impressed with Wu’s newdiscovered magnanimity, but the illusion is shattered when Wu reveals that he simply really hopes to woo Korra via his “kindness.”

… and we proceed to be “Team Kuvira” in this little bit leadership standoff.


Speaking of Kuvira, Bataar Jr. prepares to demonstrate the soul ray for Her Eminence at the prison camp/factory. Unfortunately, the mechanism automatically overheats; Baatar discovers a cracked channeling ring.

He orders the crew to take acomponent the entire machine – everything hregarding be perfect for Kuvira.

Dissent out in the ranks

Lin, Toph, Bolin, and Opal break into the factory. Kuvira arrives as Toph senses a cavern wbelow Suyin and her family members need to be. The Great Uniter is at an early stage, and also displeased to hear of the setbacks via the soul ray.

Message Continues Below

When she concerns Zhu Li, the assistant merely says that the machine is facility – tbelow are abound to be bugs to work-related out. Zhu Li promises she is doing every little thing she have the right to to settle them.

“She’s lying,” Toph murmurs, to Bolin’s delight.

Opal and Bolin want to ruin Kuvira – or at leastern the canon – while they have actually the possibility, but Toph refuses: She is just below to rescue her family. On Bolin’s pointer, the team agrees to stage the rescue tomorrow, while the manufacturing facility is empty for the cannon demonstration.

Like the other

Korra tries to reach out to spirits in Republic City’s heart vines, yet finds the spirits disshowing up around her. She goes right into the Spirit World and also asks the spirits to assist her save Republic City, wright here they all coexist.

But a sinuous soul tells her they do not get connected in humale wars. The soul accprovides Korra of doing simply what Kuvira is doing – using spirits as weapons in their wars.

“The answer is no,” he states, as the spirits disshow up roughly Korra.


At night, Toph, Lin, Bolin, and also Opal share dinner and also uncomfortable truths. Toph reveals the identity of Lin’s father – “He was a guy called Kanto,” she claims blithely. “Nice guy, yet it didn’t really occupational out in between us.”

As this colossally underwhelming information sinks in, Toph and Lin argue. Lin is furious that she prospered up without a father, while Toph wants to wave the previous amethod. Lin states she desires nothing to do with Toph after the rescue; Toph pretends not to care.

In the morning, Opal keeps watch as the heart cannon is wheeled out of the warehouse; today’s target is the abandoned tvery own nearby. Toph, Lin, and also Bolin find Suyin’s family members in a wood prison suspfinished throughout an underground chasm.

Lin and also Bolin rescue the various other BeiFongs.

The bug

The cannon is fired, but automatically malattributes because of a missing component. Kuvira transforms on Zhu Li, who is hiding the part in her coat.

“You’re a monster,” Zhu Li awesomely claims. “I regret nothing.”

Kuvira orders Zhu Li tied up in the town, so “She can view just how the weapon works – up cshed and individual.”

At the time, Kuvira is alerted to the escape attempt, but still orders the cannon fired on the tvery own.

Holes in the plan

After the BeiFongs escape, Bolin and also Opal race to save Zhu Li. Lin and also Suyin attempt to take out Kuvira, however Toph refoffers to assist.

Bataar Jr. is around to fire the cannon once he spots Opal in the town, releasing Zhu Li. In probably the many touching minute of the episode, Opal’s big brother frantically tries to shut dvery own the cannon – but it’s too late.

Luckily, the platform is disrupted by earthbfinishing, and the swarm intends high – blowing a huge hole directly through the mountain looming behind them.

A poor name…

A massive fight breaks out between the earthbending BeiFongs and Kuvira’s pressures. Suyin goes right for Kuvira, and they spar spectacularly on the cannon’s deck.

Things look negative once the mechatanks display up, but luckily Toph is tbelow to conserve her kids with an earth-wave. “You offer metalbenders a bad name!” the tiny old lady howls at Kuvira, who watches in fury as the BeiFongs fly amethod.

… and negative news

After getting to security, Toph confesses that she knows she wasn’t a good mommy – however she is proud of her daughters. She hopes Lin deserve to find a way not to hate her, and in a bizarre method, this is a healing minute.

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Toph has actually no plans to go back to Republic City. Like Katara, she has realized that “At some allude, you’ve gotta leave the fighting to the kids.

Opal admits she is no much longer angry at Bolin, however Zhu Li dampens the moment. “I’m afraid I have poor news to provide to Republic City,” she says. “Kuvira is going to attack in 2 weeks.”