Korra and her friends struggled with rocky terrain on The Legfinish of Korra seakid 4, episode 7. Read our recap and also share your thoughts on “Reunion”!

Wright here everybody knows your name

Korra, the airyoungsters, and also Opal return to Air Temple Island. After a joyful reunion through Naga, Korra expresses her guilt over failing to take care of Kuvira. Tenzin assures that they will find a method to attend to the Great Uniter together.

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Sharing the load, or not

Bolin drags Varrick with the Planet Empire, both guys feeling guilty around their complicity in Kuvira’s actions. Bolin insists they return to Republic City and warn everyone about the spirit-bomb, but Varrick’s brief burst of enthusiasm just lands them in a trap.

This is awkward

Korra and also Asami reunite at a restaurant, wbelow they flirt catch up prior to joining Mako and also Prince Wu for lunch. The 3 friends are thrilresulted in watch each other, but Wu immediately starts to drive Korra crazy.

The tension amplifies once Korra admits that she wrote to Asami while she was ameans, however not Mako or Bolin. Asami shares the news around trying to mend her relationship via her father, and also acquire angry herself as soon as Korra argues that Hiroshi’s motives might not be pure.

Basically, Team Avatar is finding it difficult to pretfinish that Korra’s years away have actually not effected their friendship.

Bad timing

Wu makes points also even more awkward when he goes to relieve himself. Mako chooses the precise wrong time to stand up for himself and also refoffers to come along, so naturally, Wu is drugged and kidnapped by Kuvira’s forces.

When they realize this, Korra, Mako, and Asami race after the laundry truck transferring the hilariously hapless prince. Asami handles her vehicle favor a badass, however they lose Wu briefly and also he is transferred to another auto.

All seems shed, yet Korra uses the heart vines to track Wu to the train terminal.

Allies of circumstance

Bolin and also Varrick’s captors arrive and cut them dvery own. They are a band also of escapees from one of Kuvira’s prikid camps – largely waterbenders and firebenders, newly “purged” from the Planet Realm and imprisoned.

The team is distinctly mistrustful of Bolin and also Varrick, decked out as they are in the Empire’s unicreate and also coming out of Kuvira’s inner circle. Bolin and also Varrick are no even more trusting, and initially object to their plan of making use of their main appearance to sneak the team via a checkpoint.

But the group’s leader insists that the setup is their only chance of getting via the wall cshedding off the region. The previous Planet Empire brass and also the previous Earth Empire prisoners have no option yet to trust each various other.

Train job

After explaining to an impressed Mako and Asami that she met Toph in the soul swamp (and also describing her as “a cranky, more miserable variation of Lin”) Korra and co. hunt for Wu in the train station.

Korra’s heart sense leads them to find Wu packed right into a trunk on a relocating train. They chased onto the roof of the train by Kuvira’s soldiers, and also Korra airbends Mako, Asami, and Wu off the elevated track and safely to the ground.


Bolin and Varrick bluff their method through the checksuggest by the skin of their teeth, but are unfortunately recognized on a Wanted poster. They and the prisoners are assaulted by several mechatanks, which are frighteningly resistant to even Bolin’s lavabfinishing.

Varrick rigs up some kind of electromagnetic pulse to take out the mechas actually, and calls Bolin to race off, yet Bolin remains ago to rescue the rest of the prisoners.

“Thanks,” their leader claims. “You didn’t have to come earlier.”

“Yeah, I kind of did,” Bolin says.

Stronger than time

Wu is gibbery with relief and asks Korra out; she is unimpressed. Asami admits that the adendeavor felt like old times – Mako agrees, including the bickering – and also the three hug, happy to be reunited in spite of the stormy edges.

Mako parks Prince Wu at Asami’s house via his family members. His grandmom swoons through joy at seeing a royal, and also Wu ultimately gets to go pee.


Bolin apologizes to the detainees for what Kuvira has done to them. His sincerity is appreciated, and also he and Varrick are invited to sail north on the prisoners’ leaky tugwatercraft. At Bolin’s insistence, Varrick gingerly accepts.

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Kuvira and also Bataar Jr. have uncovered the enormous wide range of heart vines in Toph’s swamp. Kuvira orders her soldiers to harvest the otherworldly plants “till there’s nothing left,” and also her mechatanks start to carve up the prehistoric spiritual grove.

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