There"s a lot of Hinterland also side quests. Here"s the second component of our guide to completing them all.

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Master of Horses

Description: Horsegrasp Dennet might be able to carry out steeds for the Inquisition. He just demands to be encouraged.Reward: Horse, +177 XP, +80 Influence, +1 Power LevelRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Scout Harding

Objectives:Stop via DennetMount the equine at the stables

At the Crossroadways, talk to Scout Harding, then make your means to Redcliffe Farms and uncover Dennett. Talking to Dennett will certainly additionally being the side quests Farmland also Security and also Trouble with Wolves.

Pop to the steady and saddle approximately end up the pursuit. While you’re below, you can also take treatment of the In the Saddle side quest.

In the Saddle

Description: A rich young landowner’s daughter, Seanna, has developed a course for racing horses.Reward: GoldRequirements: Procure a equine by completing the Master of Horses side pursuit.Starting NPC: Seanna

Objectives:Complete Seanna’s initially raceComplete Seanna’s second raceComplete Seanna’s last race

Seanna is hanging around the stables at Redcliffe Farms. Talk to her to start the pursuit, then saddle up and follow the map marker to the starting suggest for the race. Check in with Seanna between races to progress to the next one. If you fail, talk to her to retry the race. Finish up the quest by checking in through her one last time after you’ve run all 3 races.

Farmland also Security

Description: Bron believes building a collection of watchtowers in the area would certainly warn farmers and also refugees of incoming strikes.Reward: +177 XP, +80 Influence, +1 Power LevelRequirements: Start the Master of Horses side quest.Starting NPC: Bron

Objectives:Soptimal with BronMark three watchtower locationsComplete the Watchtowers in the Farms procedure at the war tableInform Bron that the watchtowers have actually been built

Talk to Dennet to begin the quest, then head to Redcliffe Farms and sheight to Bron to have actually 3 map markers show up. Rerevolve to the battle room in Haven and get advisors out to the Watchtowers close to the Farms and once they report earlier, head earlier to Bron to wrap up the search. It’s worth noting that you’ll require a power level of at leastern 2 prior to you send your advisors out.

Trouble via Wolves

Description: Elaina has agreed to lug the farmers ago when the location has been rid of wolves.Reward: +177 XP, +80 Influence, +1 Power LevelRequirements: Start the Master of Horses side pursuit.Starting NPC: Elaina

Objectives:Ask Elaina exactly how to make the farmers safe againDeal via the wolvesTell Elaina the wolves are no longer a problem

Talk to Dennet to start the pursuit, then head to Redcliffe Farms and talk to Elaina. You’ll need to head to a room in the east for this quest so it’s advisable to pick up the Safeguards Against Looters side pursuit, as you’ll be sent to the same area.

Follow the map marker to the east, clear out all of the wolves, then return to Elaina to end up the search.

Horses of the Inquisition

Description: Convince Horseunderstand Dennet to leave behind the farm and also join the ranks of theInquisition.Reward: Dennet joins the Inquisition. +177 XP, +80 Influence, +1 Power LevelRequirements: Complete The Trouble through Wolves and Farmland Security side searches.Starting NPC: Dennet

Objective:Sheight with Dennet

You’ll require Cassandra in your party to usage her powers of persuasion on Dennet. Have her get Dennet to sign up with the Inquisition to end up the pursuit.

Safeguards Against Looters

Description: A guy named Hessle fled the fighting to a cave in the north hills via an enigma job in tow.Reward: +128 XP, +80 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: A letter on a corpse near the Redcliffe Farms

Objectives:Search the northern hills

Start the Trouble through Wolves search, then head to the map marker to the east. Clear out the wolves and also collect the loot from the den to complete the quest.

Sketch of Calenhad"s Foothold

Description: This sketch of a castle on a rocky ridge marks a spot alengthy a damaged wall.Reward: Rock Armor schematic, +44 XP, +40 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Corpse southern of the Hinterlands starting camp

Objectives:Find the spot marked on the sketch

Make your way southern of the beginning camp to find a body and also loot it to uncover a sketch. Head west of the camp to the castle ruins and also check out the west side to find a room that contains the item you need to complete the quest.

To acquire access to the room, head to the damaged wall to the south and usage the rubble to climb up. Pop down the ladder into the room and loot the chest to obtain what you need.

Map to a Waterfall

Description: This map depicts a bridge through 4 pillars and a waterloss under a tree.Reward: +44 XP, +40 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: A scroll west of the Upper Lake camp

Objectives:Find the spot noted on the mapTo the west of the Upper Lake camp is the scroll you should start the pursuit. The treasure is behind a waterfall to the south, so follow the river to uncover it and finish the pursuit.

Some Dreams

Description: A diary has been uncovered, describing a man’s troubling dreams and his plans to uncover peace in a cave in the hills.Reward: +44 XP, +40 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Note inside an residence north of the Crossroads

Objectives:Search the cave in the hillsKill the apostate

Go into the house north of the Crossroadways to find the note to begin the quest, then follow the map marker to the cave. Kill the foe inside to finish the pursuit.

Love Waits

Description: A young noble called Berand also joined the cult in the hills. He is worried that his lover, Vellina, has not yet arrived to sign up with him.Reward: +177 XP, +80 Influence, +1 Power LevelRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Letter on a dead body eastern of Dwarfson’s Pass.

Objectives:Increate Berand of Vellina’s death

Either talk to Lord Berand in Dwarfson’s Pass or head to the eastern of Dwarfson’s pass and loot the body you’ll come throughout to uncover the letter to start the quest.

Make your method to Lornan’s Exile and check out the rooms on the ideal to prompt an NCOMPUTER to technique you. Follow the brand-new map marker and search the area for the forced item prior to returning to the NCOMPUTER to finish the quest.

My Lover"s Phylactery

Description: A phylactery discovered on a dead templar belongs to his mage lover, Ellendra. The phylactery can point other Templars to Ellendra, and she might welcome its safe rerevolve, along with news of her lover.Reward: +44 XP, +40 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: A dead body near Winterwatch Tower.

Objectives:Rerevolve the phylactery to Ellendra

Search the location about the Winterwatch Tower to find the body, then go back to Ellendra to the north of the camp to finish the quest.

Conscientious Objector

Description: A cabin in Witchwood is locked.Reward: +44 XP, +40 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Dead body in the southeastern Hinterlands

Objectives:Find a key to the cabinGo to the cabin in the highlands

Search the southeastern area of the map close to among the landmark sites to uncover the dead body, then follow the map marker to the cabin northeast of the Crossroads and kill the adversary inside to finish the pursuit.

Strange Bedfellows

Description: A scout on duty is worried something’s taken place to a fellow scout called Ritts, that was tasked through investigating aposays in the area.Reward: +177 XP, +80 Influence, +1 Power LevelRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Inquisition scout north of White Pass camp

Objectives:Search for the lacking Inquisition scoutUpday the worried scout on the condition of Ritts

Head south from the Crossroads to uncover an Inquisition scout to the north of White Pass camp and also talk to them to begin the search. Pop Varric in your party for some sweet-talking later, then follow the map marker to uncover another member of the Inquisition involved in battle. Lend them a hand, then look for body in this location, inspect it, and also talk to the soldier aget. After Varric talks her roughly for you, go back to the scout to complete the search.

A Spirit in the Lake

Description: A storyteller pointed out a spirit in a adjacent lake. If available a blood lotus, the spiritapparently offers a favor in return.Reward: Warlord Greatsword, +44 XP, +40 InfluenceRequirements: During the In Hushed Whispers primary story quest, reach Redcliffe Village.Starting NPC: Storyteller near the quick travel point in Redcliffe

Objectives:Take a blood lotus to the lake

Tbelow is an NPC close to the quick travel allude in Redcliffe that will certainly kick off this search. Head to Fpermit Mire and also look for a blood lotus (unmuch less you already have one), then head southern of Upper Lake Camp to Lake Luthias and inspect the bowl on the dock to end up the pursuit.

Letter from a Lover

Description: You found a letter at an abandoned campwebsite. It instructs a young guy to carry felandaris to a tree wright here a rock lady stands.Reward: +44 XP, +40 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: A letter from a campwebsite in Dead Ram Gorge

Objectives:Bring felandaris to the tree on the hill

You should discover a felandaris plant, take it to the altar that will be noted on your map, then kill the enemy that shows up after you communicate through it to wrap up the pursuit.

You’ll either come throughout the plant by looting, or you have the right to take a trip to Empincrease du Lion to discover it growing in the wild.

Faitempt to Deliver

Description: A letter discovered on a dwarven corpse speaks of a package shed somewhere near the river north of the ranches.Reward: Carta Coat, +44 XP, +40 InfluenceRequirements: Kill the meras and also Templars at the CrossroadsStarting NPC: Keep in mind lying next to a corpse and also overturned cart

Objectives:Search the river for the package

When you find the letter, follow the map marker to the appropriate location and search beside the river to discover what you require and also complete the quest.

The Ballad of Lord Woolsley

Description: A young guy is distraught that his family’s distinct ram, Lord Woolsley, has wandered off. He is providing a reward for the ram’s rerevolve.Reward: +177 XP, +80 Influence, +1 Power LevelRequirements: Complete the main story quest In Huburned WhispersStarting NPC: One-Eyed Jimmy

Objectives:Locate Lord Woolsley and also send him homeReturn to Woolsley’s owner for a reward

Talk to One-Eyed Jimmy in Redcliffe to start the search, then follow the map marker and also explore the location to find Lord Woolsley that will be a different colour to his peers. Approach the ram to gain it to notice you, then go back to One-Eyed Jimmy to complete the quest.

Wright here the Druffalo Roam

Description: A farmer’s druffalo ran off, spooked by demons, and also was last checked out in the ravine.Reward: +44 XP, +40 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Notice Board

Objectives:Rescue the farmer’s druffaloLead the druffalo ago to the pastureTell the farmer that his druffalo is safe

You deserve to pick this search up at the alert board in Redcliffe Farms. The druffalo is to the west and is being collection upon by wolves, so kill them and lead it back to the farm at a slow pace to ensure it follows you. Rerevolve to the farmer when it’s ago safely to finish the search.

Playing through Fire

Description: A letter discovered on a corpse said: “Three times around the crowned statue, appropriate hand also close sufficient to brush the stone itself, and the spirits will certainly listen.” Doing so will supposedly carry earlier someone’s grandpa. The letter writer must really miss him.Reward: Master Demon-Slaying Rune, +44 XP, +40 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Letter on a corpse close to Avvar Blade Valley

Objectives:Bring the grandpa backDefeat the demon

The body is close to the landnote in Avvar Blade Valley. Take the letter from it, then circle the statue as per the instructions, continuing to be as cshed to it as feasible. Kill and also loot the adversary that appears to wrap up the quest.

The Mercenary Fortress

Description: Mercenaries are stirring unrest in the Hinterlands. They have actually inhabited an old fort in the woods.Reward: +128 XP, +80 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Orders uncovered on or near soldiers in Hafter’s Woods or Avvar Blade Valley

Objectives:Find the mercenary fortressDefeat the mercenary leader

You have to kill and also loot the teams of soldiers in Avvar Blade Valley or Hafter’s Woods to uncover the orders to begin the pursuit. Follow the map marker and fight the waves of opponents at the hideout to reach the mercenary leader. Clear out the hideout, kill him and sweep the balcony behind him to acquire the Valammar essential to complete the quest.

If you’re listed below level 7, you could battle through this pursuit as the mercenary leader is pretty challenging. Mages via obstacle spells are your friend for this one.

Map of the Farmland Cave

Description: This map depicts a farmresidence near a cave.Reward: +128 XP, +80 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Map located eastern of the mercenary hideout, in Hafter’s Woods

Objectives:Find the spot marked on the map

Find the map to the eastern of the mercenary hideout and also follow the map marker to the northeastern of Redcliffe Farms to uncover a cave containing the treacertain. Collect it to finish the search. The cave is to the west of the astrarium.

Return Policy

Description: A thief stole something important from a fortress to the west. A threatening note discovered on the thief’s body suggests that whoever before he stole it from exceptionally a lot wants it ago.Reward: +128 XP, +80 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Keep in mind discovered on a dead body west of the Broken Bridge

Objective:Return the stolen treacertain to the western fortress

From the hideout in the Mercenary Fortress side pursuit, follow the route up the hill and also head ideal at the fork. Interact via the altar at the finish of the course and also kill the adversary that shows up to finish the search.

Flowers for Senna

Description: An elderly widower visits his wife’s shrine every year, however the fighting in between the meras and templars has actually prevented him from making the pilgrimage.Reward: +128 XP, +80 InfluenceRequirements: Complete the major story pursuit In Hushed WhispersStarting NPC: Widower

Objectives:Take flowers to Senna’s shrineRerotate to the widower

The old guy in Redcliffe will provide you this pursuit, and also as soon as you’ve talked to him, follow the map marker to the grave, place the flowers, and return to him to end up the quest.

Bergrit’s Claws

Description: A hunter named Bergrit was out searching for big bears to collect their cregulations, which show up to be of substantial value. It may be wise to pick up where he left off.Reward: 3 Great Bear Clegislations, +128 XP, +80 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Note found on a corpse close to Dead Ram Gorge

Objectives:Find three excellent bear claws

Complete this search by finding 3 Great Bear Clegislations. The bears hang out in the southwest and have the right to be a challenging enemy if you’re listed below level 7.

Hinterlands Who’s Who

Description: A hunter appears to have been mauled by a bear and passed away in its cave. According to his letter, he was trying to acquire enough of something to help. He should have been despeprice.Reward: +128 XP, +80 InfluenceRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Letter uncovered on a corpse in Old Simeon’s Cave

Objectives:Take the hunter’s letter earlier to his family

Search the southwest of the Hinterlands to uncover the cave containing the hunter’s body, take the letter from his corpse, follow the map marker to the letterbox at Redcliffe Farms and also interact via it to end up the search.

Deep Trouble

Description: The Carta are establishing up a red lyriummining operation in the Hinterlands with the help of local mercenaries.Reward: +1,025 XP, +400 Influence, +3 Power LevelRequirements: NoneStarting NPC: Inspect the door in the covert alcove behind near Lake Luthias.

Objectives:Find a crucial to the doorSeek out and also remove the Carta leader in Valammar

To begin this search, you have the right to either collect the Valammar essential during the Mercenary Fortress side quest, or take a peek behind the waterloss to the southern of Lake Luthias, yet you will need that vital regardmuch less.

Once you have the vital, follow the map marker to the entrance of Valammar and also loot everything on the way to the targain noted on your map. You have to have actually a rogue in your team for this and be warned that this is one more pursuit wbelow being above level 7 would be helpful.

When you reach the Carta leader, mop up the minions first, then take leader out to end up the quest and start the next side search The Vault of Valammar.

The Vault of Valammar

Description: These gears need to fit the lock on a huge door clearly made to store out thieves.Starting NPC: Investigate the sealed vault door in the vat room inside Valammar.Reward: +512 XP, +80 Influence, +2 Power LevelRequirements: Complete the side quest Deep TroubleStarting NPC: N/AObjectives:Find 2 gearsUse the gears to open up the vault

After defeating the Carta leader in the Deep Trouble side search, move the room to uncover the first equipment. Make your method throughout the bridge exterior and open the locked door via the rogue in your party to discover the second gear.

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Return to the room where you combated the Carta leader and usage the gears on the vault door. Kill the opponents inside and also gather the loot to complete the quest.