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Life is not a bed of roses, neither it is full of thorns. It is full of ups and also down. It’s favor an endless sea and also its vastness. We are sailing in a boat and want to touch the shore. We will continue to be established and also attempt our ideal to reach at our destination point.

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Being a girl, I always taken into consideration the life simply prefer living in a dream; full of roses, playing in a garden capturing the butterflies, watching the rainbow, loving the colors of rainbow and also dolling up my barbie dolls.

Time passed so rapid, living in my dreams. There came a day once I obtained my first duration. An awkward feeling that started to make me feel guilt. Feeling uncomfortable while sitting, walking and also also doing some tasks. So a lot cramps in belly that made me stick to the bed.

Watched woguys providing birth to a baby, issue of life or fatality. Lacked in confidence, always had a fear of being rejected, being hatred, fear of being a faientice, fear of breaking relationships. Every single minute, I started to go downward.

Suddenly all of my dream flew away. A proverb started to popping up my mind.

“Life is not a bed of roses”.

Assuming the life always as a bed of roses, this was difficult to believe on this proverb. But now I started to realize. Then what? A question popped up aacquire in my mind? Is life full of thorns?



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Days passed. Life brought even more experienced to my life. I began to realize that tbelow are some more colors in life other than those rainbow colors. Some fade colors that make life boring and dull. Going with all the ups and downs of my life. Depression, sadness and also tears. I began to look on life full of thorns. But this is not what for which function we are in this people. Being stuck in between the bed of roses or thorns? We can’t spfinish our lives through this depression. “No, I will certainly not live my life prefer this”.. Finally this assumed, popped up in my mind. Due to the fact that,

“Life never waits for anyone, you need to come up & get”.

Your life is your choice

This is our life, it have to be our choice to wear either a Cinderella dress or a torn dress. Our life relies on us. Either you would certainly sit idle in a torn dress or battle tough to acquire fit into a Cinderella dress.



Photo by Lala Abdinova on UnsplashLife is actually full of fight;

Life is full of battle yet there’s a component of problems and also difficulties challenged by the people in daily life. Success in every area of life never involves you on its case. You have got to fight hard to induce to it. An individual is himself or herself qualified for making his or her life either the bed of roses or the bed of thistles. He or she need to battle to get what he wants. It would certainly make you even more strategic and also strong.


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If you learn to fight through complications, you are the true warrior. Now just stand also up, make yourself established to fight for your rights. Believe me, you would certainly make your life full of roses. All the things can be fixed by just making up your mind.

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Be thankful to God

You need to never regret around your life troubles. For almost all, life isn’t simple. Everybody has actually his/her insurance claim difficulties. An individual may endure from an irrecoverable condition. Regardless of having actually too a lot cash, a perchild may not be able to remedy his son’s life debilitating infection. In some instances relationship worries get so significant that it takes amethod the tranquility of life. You must not fault your excellent fortune. Good fortune brings openings. But you’ve to work hard to use the opportunity in your assistance. Just be thankful to your God. If your life is not a bed of roses, don’t make your life full of thorns.