NOTE: The occasions in this chapter will be proficient differently based upon what taken place at the end of Episode 2.

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We begin off on the beach via Chloe in the alternative timeline. Follow the conversation and make choices as they come up. You can not carry out anything else right here. When the conversation turns, she will acquire cold and also want to go home.

Chloe"s Room

NOTE: Tbelow are no photo methods in the alternate timeline, so feel free to explore as you like.

Back in her room, which is wbelow the garage is in the "real" timeline, she will certainly ask for a glass of water. At this allude you are cost-free to have actually a nosy around the room. The water is to the right of her as you are looking at the bed, press to let her drink.

After that, you reminisce around when you were younger and also decide to watch Blade Runner, aobtain you have run of the room yet now you have drawers to look in. The DVD can be discovered in the left hand also drawer of the unit the TV is on, press to search, and then you need to insert it into the DVD player () to continue.

In the morning you wake up, and as you are talking to Chloe her head starts hurting and she asks you to go and obtain some morphine from the upstairs bathroom.

Press at the door to leave the room.

Chloe"s Housage - Downstairs

Downstairs, you deserve to talk to Chloe"s dad and also explore the living room, outside, hallmethod and kitchen. Head upstairs () next.

Chloe"s House - Upstairs

Upstairs you have the right to discover Chloe"s old room, and enter her parents" room to talk to Chloe"s mum. Head to the bathroom and also search () the cabinets for the morphine.

Then head back downstairs ().

Chloe"s Housage - Downstairs (via item)

Go earlier into Chloe"s room () and also talk to Chloe () to use the morphine. She explains that she is basically dying slowly (which you"ve currently uncovered as you explored upstairs and talked to her mum) and also that it is taking a toll on her and her parents, specifically as they are incurring most medical prices (which again, have the right to be uncovered with trying out - in fact it does seem prefer they may shed the house).

She begs you to assist her end this. You deserve to ask her why, yet in the finish you have to make a tough decision (#1).

Turn and also look at the photo and press to emphasis.

Chloe"s Housage - Focus

Nopoint to perform below, simply watch the cutscene.

Chloe"s Housage - Upstairs

Wake up (

) in Chloe"s room. She"s been up all night investigating, and desires you to take a look at what she"s uncovered. Go approximately her at the desk, and take a photo ().

AmbientTake optional photo #1 in Episode 4: Dark Room


5 guides

Have an discover and also look at the investigation so far (), and then talk to Chloe. You now have to go and also look via her step-dad"s stuff for more proof (if he got kicked out in the last episode then this is easier).

Exit the room (), prior to you head downstairs you deserve to have actually a look around the optimal floor.

If you stopped the bird flying right into the home window and dying in episode 1 then there will be a bird flying roughly on the landing. You have the right to choose to conserve it by opening the window on the landing () to let it out. (Minor decision #1)

Then head downstairs ().

Chloe"s Housage - Downstairs

Downstairs, enter the garage () to have a look approximately.

Get in the second room, the automobile has gone now, and also there"s a bird"s colony by the door. Move () the plank so you can take a photo of the swarm (). Tbelow seem to be results to this, so I moved it earlier thereafter (Minor decision #2).

Time-LapsedTake optional photo #2 in Episode 4: Dark Room


5 guides

Tright here are differing remedies to acquiring right into the locker to get evidence.

If David was kicked out of the house:

Inspect the lockers (). There"s a padlock with a number combination. You have two choices (Minor decision #3):

Crack the code and also open up the padlock - the padlock could be discovered unlocked in episode 3 through the code 7171 already collection (watch Episode 3)Go earlier into the various other room and pick up the crowbar (), then go earlier and usage the crowbar with the padlock () to open up the locker (rewind (
) after that to hide the proof of a break in)

If David wasn"t kicked out of the house:

Inspect the lockers to discover out you need an essential to open up the lock. David is standing right beside the secrets, so you should trick him away.

On the other side of the room via the lockers is a fusage box, take one of the fuses to get David"s attention ()Walk to the various other side with the door and take the crucial from the shelf and also open up the locker

NOTE: You have the right to also rewind time and also take the keys BEFORE David enters the garage.

This offers you new proof.

Go earlier right into the hallmethod and also call Chloe downstairs ().

The two of you head out to find proof versus Nathan.


NOTE: If Kate didn"t endure episode 2, then this scene will be skipped.

You ask Chloe to soptimal by the hospital to visit Kate. She waits external when you go in. You have the right to have actually a look roughly the room, uncover the letter from Victoria for additionally conversation choices, and also when you"re all set you can talk to Kate.

You discuss what occurred (select Nathan and the Vortex Club), and you deserve to ask her to uncover out which room Nathan is in to go and look for proof (Minor decision #4).

Exit the room () to continue.


Chloe goes to ask Justin around Nathan whilst you look approximately. Over by Tobanga (totem statue) tright here is a cairn (pile of stones), obtain the right angle and also you can take a photo of that () via the totem in the background.

BalanceTake optional photo #3 in Episode 4: Dark Room


5 guides

Say hello to your squirrel frifinish by the tree, and uncover one more one in the bushes to the ideal behind the bench.

You currently have to go and also talk to Samuel, who is sitting alongside Mrs Grant. Go through all the conversation alternatives, when you are discussing animals, pick "Squirrel" and also he will certainly sheight and also feed the squirrels leaving the food on the bench. Interact through it to pick up some food (), then go over to the second squirrel and also tempt () them to acquire the 2 squirrels together. Then you deserve to take a cute photo ().

RangefinderTake optional photo #4 in Episode 4: Dark Room


5 guides

If you haven"t gone through all the conversation alternatives, talk to Samuel aobtain to exhaust every little thing. Also talk to Mrs Grant to discover out around Nathan.

You will discover Daniel sitting under the tree and have the right to try and also convince him to go to the Vortex Party (Minor decision #5).

Either go approximately Chloe and also interrupt her conversation with Justin (), or head to the door to enter the dormitories ().

Boys" Dormitories

Inside the boys" dormitories have actually a look at the map on the wall () to attempt and also number out which room is Nathan"s.


You can write something on Warren"s whiteboard whilst you are trying to find the room (Minor decision #6). Warren is in room 109.

If you asked Kate for her help, then as you start looking at the whiteboards by the doors you will get a message saying that Nathan stays in room 111; if you didn"t or couldn"t ask Kate then simply go wandering dvery own the corridor - there"s a whiteboard external Nathan"s room that says "Prescotts Rule".

Before you go to his room, turn best at the finish of the corridor and also look out of the window. Tbelow are some footprints out there, take a photo () and Max will certainly make a wise-crack around having a bigfoot photo.

Gamma ValueTake optional photo #5 in Episode 4: Dark Room


6 guides

Now head into Nathan"s room and also have actually a look around. Inspect everything - including the bed and the computer system. You uncover some odd photos, and also then you need to be able to look at some marks on the floor in front of the couch (). You have the right to then relocate () the couch out of the means and find a phone recorded to the back in a bag via some files.

Head out of the room and also talk to Chloe () by the door. Nathan busts in and also starts going off on you for being up tbelow. Your frifinish Warren come running out of his room at the disturbance and also stops Nathan (scary, Nathan does have a gun!).

You have actually one more important choice - you deserve to speak Warren, or let him beat up Nathan - yet either means you have to gain out of tright here (#2). If you pick to remain out of it, Chloe will pick up Nathan"s gun.

Key Campus

You head earlier to the major campus and also discuss heading to acquire more proof from Frank. Chloe messages him saying she has his money and also he asks her to meet him at the beach.


At the beach, the scene of organic devaterminal is shocking. Head to the fence and look at the bad whales, and additionally take a photo of them ().

Dioptric PowerTake optional photo #6 in Episode 4: Dark Room


5 guides

to see just how complex this is.

Chloe will have a gun for this conversation if you:

Tried to shoot Frank in episode 2Gave it to Chloe as soon as you uncovered it looking Frank"s RV in episode 3Chloe picked up Nathan"s gun when you didn"t intervene in the fight via Warren earlier in this episode

Frank might additionally have a gun (otherwise he has actually a knife):

You didn"t attempt to shoot Frank in episode 2AND You didn"t provide the gun to Chloe in episode 3

To obtain the finishing wright here Frank dies:

Chloe has a gunFrank gets angry twice from your answersThe RV door is open and Pompidou comes out (the dog will likewise be shot)

To get the ending wbelow Frank is injured:

Frank gets angry twice from your answers - Chloe provokes him OR you disclose indevelopment gained with the usage of your power - that you had actually his keys/ the dog"s name (Pompidou)Frank has actually a weaponChloe does not have a gun OR the RV door is closed and Pompidou can not assault Chloe

If Pompidou assaults Chloe and she doesn"t have a gun then it"s a compelled rewind.

To obtain the ending wright here no-one is hurt, and also Frank is an ally:

Tell Chloe to "Be careful" or to leave the gun (if she has one)Don"t obtain Frank angryGet Frank to close the door, pick calming options, tell him you love dogsDon"t point out the break in to the RV, any type of indevelopment you might have actually got with the usage of your power - rescue dogs/ the dog"s name (Pompidou)Most importantly, lug up Rachel Amber

Either way you have to get the proof you need and also you deserve to head back to the vehicle to exit the beach ().

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Chloe"s Housage - Investigation

You are currently back in Chloe"s room and also need to look at all the proof you"ve gathered from David, Nathan and also Frank to discover the pattern in the hints, and narrow them dvery own. You deserve to look at all the pieces of evidence, however will certainly should choose particular ones to proceed.