will i regret not having this item or accessibility to thi item if i upgrade and simply buy a standered course of fire


The pass does provide some benefits:

The solutions players use most (bank, TP, Forge, merchant, crafting tables etc.) are in one location, which is rather even more convenient. That said, those solutions all exist somewhere else.Getting to those services does not expense the 2+ silver from way pointing. Not a big deal, yet it is tbelow.If you have actually multiple alts you want to acquire to Elona, and do not want to run them through the initial story chapter to acquire there, you deserve to usage the pass and also leave the riverboat to get to the initially of the Elona areas. You will have to perform that story chapter on the initially character to require to the desert maps.

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There"s additionally ecto gambling in the casino, but I don"t classify that as a advantage.

Whether you will certainly regret not having actually the above I cannot say, but that is what you would miss out on out on. If you are low on RL cash but have many in-game gold, you deserve to buy the Basic PoF and upgrade to Deluxe via gems.

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Posted March 24, 2018


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Posted March 24, 2018

Maybe, probably not, it"s difficult to say.

Like all the pass places the Lily of the Elon is basically a mini tvery own, so there"s nopoint tright here you can not also discover in other places. The main benefit of the passes is that you can teleport there for free from almost everywhere in the people, so it saves a minute or 2 and a loading screen over going to the Heart of the Mists and then to LA and it"s cheaper than utilizing a waysuggest.

The Lily of the Elon has actually the included bonus that it"s likewise a straightforward means to acquire alts to the PoF maps without doing the story (interpretation you have the right to get there before you"re level 80), yet completing the story as soon as gets you an object which have the right to be supplied to teleport to Vabbi, so you do not require the Lily pass to gets alts tbelow.

I didn"t have any type of of the previous passes because I believed they were too expensive for what they offered - I"d rather simply go to the Heart of the Mists and then to LA. But this one operated out cheaper for me, and also I wanted a few of the unique edition items anymethod. I perform usage it, however it wouldn"t bvarious other me much if I didn"t have actually it, I absolutely don"t think about it essential, yet I know various other human being love the passes and would hate not having them.

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Also bear in mind if you buy the typical edition you deserve to always buy the upgrade in the gem store later. So if you"re not certain I"d say just get the typical edition and also then you deserve to readjust your mind if you desire.