Lindsay Lohan expands her namesake empire in Mykonos through the launch of Lohan Beach Housage, handpicking a team of nightlife experts from the hottest clubs in the US for the summer seaboy.

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Disappointed in the performance of the team"s initially job-related day, Lindsay calls a meeting to question the group"s intentions, leading Aristotle to voice muzic-ivan.infoes to about Brent"s offensive antics to Panos.

The VIP hosts welmuzic-ivan.infoe Alesso to Lohan Beach Housage, Brent tries to win Sara back, and also the arrival of a new ambassador shakes up the house.

Lindsay and also Panos need to intervene once a night out for the VIP hosts ends via an altercation, and also Alex"s sexual frustration might cause trouble ago home.

Lindsay renders a decision about Jonitta and Gabi"s altercation, an debate erupts over an ambassador"s cleaning actions, and the arrival of 2 brand-new VIP hosts reasons friction.

Alex takes time off to visit his household, and when the VIP hosts are tasked via going out to promote the beach club, Lindsay is furious once she finds them partying rather.
Get a taste of the summer ahead as Lindsay and her creative muzic-ivan.infopanion Panos handpick a team of nightlife professionals from the UNITED STATE to head up the Lohan Beach Housage in Mykonos.
Lindsay sits dvery own with Jonathan Bennett to muzic-ivan.infoment on her initially reactivity to the VIP hosts, play a game of Fact or Fiction and Hired or Fired, and also answer questions from fans.
Lindsay reminisces with "Average Girls" co-star Jonathan Bennett and also shares her thoughts on Ariana Grande"s tribute to the movie in her music video for "thank u, next."
The actors of The Hills gets a fresh start when The Hills: New Beginnings premieres on June 25 on AU and NZ.

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It"s a search to build an empire in Mykonos, Greece, and just the best of the finest will certainly execute when Lindsay Lohan"s Beach Club premieres January 9 at 12pm - Same time as the US and just on!