Instruments of Measurement

Devices that are supplied in taking dimensions are described as instruments of measurement. We have actually a lot of instruments provided in taking dimensions.

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Measuring the mass of objects

The mass of an object is measured via a balance. We have different kinds of balances; some examples are;

Top pan balance or compression balance


Beam balance


Electronic balance


Lever balance


Instruments for measuring length

We use various forms of instruments relying on the object you desire to meacertain bereason all the tools play different functions. Instances are:

Metre ruleIt is provided for taking short dimensions.


Measuring Tape Measuring tape to take lengthy dimensions.


Vernier calipers

Tright here are two types;

1. Odd leg caliper It is supplied to take measurement of the exterior side of a hollow object.!<>( 2. Inside caliper

It is used to take the internal measurement of a hollow object.


Measuring time helps in checking durations. The unit of time is second, which is symbolized by (s). For longer intervals of time the minute (min) and the hour (hr) are used, yet the worldly accepted unit is seconds (s) so through any kind of calculation, the longer intervals of time is converted to seconds (s).

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Eg: 1hr = 60min

1min = 60s Convert 1hr right into secs (s) 1hr = 60min 1min = 60s As such 1hr to s 60 x 60 = 3600s

Thermometers are provided for measuring temperature.

Tright here are two forms of thermometers, they are;