The symphony had actually its origins in the overture, which was the introductory music for Italian opera.

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Which among the adhering to excerpts may be classified as chamber music?

Excerpt C

The rhythm of the following example says that the item was written during the Classical period. The rhythm may be described as having a:

Clear pulse and meter via continuous, dance-favor rhythms

What widespread Classical period genre does this excerpt represent?


Which would certainly be the most likely composer of this example?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Suppose you are listening to the first motion of a symphony written in the Classical period. You have heard the initially area, in which 2 themes were presented, and a 2nd area, in which segments of those themes were broadened and occurred. What would certainly you mean next?

A varied repeat of the initially area via a rerevolve of the two original themes

A string ______ is created of 2 violins, one viola, and also a cello.


The adhering to musical excerpt is from the Classical period.


The texture of the adhering to example from the Classical period deserve to finest be defined as:


Beethcooktop is periodically described as "The Father of the Symphony."


Sonata-allegro form was supplied largely in functions for solo piano and did not apply to functions for bigger ensembles.


Which Classical genre is stood for by this example?

Chamber music

Which genre is represented by this example?


The following musical excerpt is from the Classical duration.


Which among the adhering to excerpts belongs to a big chdental work from the classic period?

Excerpt A

Which among the complying with examples comes from a renowned Beethcooktop symphony?

Excerpt D

Which of the following is not an overture by Beethoven:


Which of the complying with features are linked through the rococo style?

Elegance, delicacy, softness, and also playfulness

The complying with excerpt comes from a famed aria in one of Mozart’s many enthroughout opperiods. Identify the opera in question.

The Magic Flute

Listen to the adhering to example and also pick the genre that finest defines it:


The following instance from the Classical period may be classified as a/an:


Which of the following is a composition for an orchestral ensemble?


From which of the complying with pairs would you select the most most likely composer of this example?

Haydn or Beethoven

Which of the following were essential composers of the Classical period?

Mozart and Haydn

Which of the complying with composers wrote this symphony?

Ludwig van Beethoven

During the Classical period, opera buffa (comic opera) plots were based upon myths and also historic figures.


The following excerpt originates from a renowned aria in among Mozart’s most enduring operas. Identify the opera in question.

Don Giovanni

The sections of the Classical sonata-allegro create are:

Exposition, Development, and also Recapitulation

According to the message, Beethoven strongly influenced the music of Haydn.


Identify the event that did not happen in the time of the Classical period:

American Civil Rights Movement

This is an instance of a new style of opera dubbed opera buffa that emerged in the time of the Classical period. It differed from opera in previous periods because…

Stories were based on "real human being," and the music was light and humorous.

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From the Classical period onwards, sonata-allegro form was reput by various other creates as the basis for many important music.


We have the right to say that the melody in the following instance is typical of the Classical period bereason it is:

Short, symmetrical, and also balanced

We can say that the harmony in the following example is typical of the Classical duration bereason it features: