Today, we released a brand-new book. It is our first book in over 2 years. It is our initially traditionally publiburned occupational. It combines 2 of our best passions. We couldn’t be happier via it. And I think you are really going to enjoy it.

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Right now, it is available for the Kindle and in Paperearlier.


In Living With Less: An Unmeant Key to Happiness, we invite teens and also young adults to discover the helpful benefits of living through fewer possessions. It is a stage of life complete of chance and promise. And I think the minimalist message has excellent chance to influence their future decision-making prior to they buy the huge house… the elaborate cars… or go after the dead-finish project just bereason it comes with a big paycheck. I believe most young adults desperately long for higher accomplishments in their life.

Living With Less is much more spiritually grounded than any type of of our previous books (or the focus of this blog). It is a book that finds its advent, its conclusion, and its foundation in the teachings of Jesus. After functioning via adolescents and also young adults in Christian nonprofit organizations for the past 14 years, I had actually become worn down of books on materialism simply discussing the evils of seeking possessions. I wanted to create a book that also articulated the valuable benefits of owning fewer possessions: less debt, less distractivity, more freedom, more opportunity, more intentionality, more passion. I wanted to invite adolescents to take on a much more numerous method to live. I wanted to write a book that went so much as to think that Jesus actually intended whatever He taught.

I occupational hard keeping Becoming Minimalist free from certain religious philosophies and also will continue to carry out so. I understand also the message of minimalism holds benefit to all who accept it… regardmuch less of spiritual choice. Since of that, I might allude to spirituality on this webwebsite, but I always steer clear of speaking in specific terms concerning it.

But aacquire, this new book is different. It embraces many kind of of the spiritual conversations and also ideas concerning Jesus Christ. If you hold to the exact same, you will certainly significantly enjoy this book. If you are unacquainted through Jesus’ teachings on possessions, you’ll most likely reap seeing how they have actually shaped my see of minimalism. But if you are hostile in the direction of religion, this book is most likely not for you. 

Relying heavily on the teachings of Jesus and our individual suffer of minimizing our possessions, we argue tright here is absolutely greater joy to be uncovered in owning fewer possessions than can be uncovered in pursuing more. The book concludes via exceptionally handy measures that any type of college student, high college student, or middle school student might implement now to suffer the very same joy.

The book has actually been endorsed by Tsh Oxenreider (Simple Mom), Dave Bruno (100-Thing Challenge), Josh Griffin (Saddleearlier Church), Scott Rubin (Willow Creek Community Church), Courtney Carver (Be More With Less), Joshua Millburn (The Minimalists), Mark Oestreicher (Youth Cartel), and also many others available for check out inside the book.


The book is publiburned by Group Publishing based in Loveland also, CO. It is a smidge over 100 peras of highly-readable content filled via handy fact and also engaging stories. It is brief enough that adolescents and also young adults who pick it up will be able to end up it conveniently. But it is lengthy enough to cover all facets of the conversation that I believe to be necessary.

The physical copy sells for $7.99 while the Kindle variation sells for $6.39. (Nook variation to be released shortly).

Living With Less is based greatly on our initially book, Simplify. And while it contains some material that can be uncovered somewhere else (previous books, blog posts), virtually 50% of the book is totally new. And the sections that have the right to be found in other places have actually been rephrased to connect with a younger audience. Plus, as I stated previously, the spiritual background to minimalist living has actually not been told anywhere else before this book.


Well, then, you have actually two options:

1) Don’t purchase the brand-new book. No issues. We’ll catch you via the following one. We’re not done composing publications. And I’d never recommfinish you buy somepoint you don’t need… that would defeat the entirety function of what we’re doing right here.

2) Learn somepoint new by buying the book anymethod. If you are acquainted through the life and/or teachings of Jesus, you’ll uncover this book to be very informative and also complex in your knowledge of His message. If you have actually teenagers in your life, you’ll discover a new frame with which to interact them in conversation about the function of possessions in their resides. And lastly, you’ll be supporting us. Your purchase puts us in a much better place to pursue publishers for future tasks.


1) You deserve to buy the book. I’m steering my audience towards Amazon.

2) You can share this announcement via your friends by posting on Twitter, sharing on Facebook, pinning to Pinterest, e-mailing a friend, or simply talking it up in conversation through others. You are this book’s marketing campaign. Thanks for taking a moment to spread the word.

3) You deserve to post a evaluation on Amazon. Your reviews are extremely useful as they prove the message in the book connects through its readers. After you check out the book, posting your evaluation would be really helpful.

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But greatly, thanks for being component of the Becoming Minimalist community. You make sharing our words via the world feasible and also extremely enjoyable.