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Hi ppl...been watching LOTR:TTT for awhile...but still confused over why Elrond is leaving along with the rest of the elves?He said something about their time on middle earth ending...but I thought they were immortal?Sorry if I sound ignorant...cos I did not read the books...only got hooked onto LOTR due to the movies...
elves are immortal, they do not die of old agebut after spending a few millennia (for some its more for others it"s less) on middle earth. They go to the Grey Havens where they take ships to the west towards a land from which none ever return carbunche read the books, they have so much more cool info
So you are saying that they just felt like leaving? Erm...dun really catch the meaning...yea I know...the books have a lot of info...but its like information overload for me...I"ve always had a simplistic mind
heheHmm...but in the show...it seems like a mass exodus of the elves towards the Grey Havens...And I do recall Elrond saying that he foresaw that Aragorn is going to die?
its because, as fire pointed out,they have been in middle earth for a long ,long time. All their great lords from the second age have died, "the blood of Numeror is spent" as Elrond says in the fellowship.so now they have no strenght left-they have fought their battles and its now up to men.so they go to the grey havens to be at peace and let the 3rd age come to an end. i hope that makes sense

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numenor were the ancestors of gondor hence human. it is pretty complicated question as to why the elves are leaving middle earth. the way i understand it long ago the elves were called to valinor (where they are all leaving for, home of the gods) most took the voyage and lived with them for ages. well one of the gods stole some jewels that were very precious to the elves (or atleast one of them) plus many elves desired realms of their own such as galadriel. so there was a great exodus back to middle earth to battle the evil powers that be. well back to LOTR those evil powers are about to achieve final victory or the ultimate defeat, so one of the main puposes to the elves being there is about at an end and they are being called back to valinor. basically this is the way i get it. theres a lot more to it, but i have dumbed it down to keep this post from running on forever and i hope that some of the info isnt distorted in the effort,