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ArtistLow Profile
3.53 / 5.00.5 from 202 ratings
#413 for 1989


backin99 May 08 2020 ▼ 4.50 stars
5.00 stars A1 Funky Tune
4.50 stars A2 That's Y They Do It
This is among the ideal five albums of 1989. Surprisingly, for sure. Just look at the all at once rating of this document. And, instead, it's among the best of the year many thanks to one of the finest producers of the year, Alphonso Henderson and also to one of the finest performers of the year by far, William Calhoun. This male has actually been approximately considering that 1985 and, unchoose many type of of his colleagues, he never before gives up! One of the many underrated rappers in the game, what a hit. This effort is a classical, timeless, clean, crystal clear, a hidden jewel. The crackling and spectacular funky production with measured and also fresh samples by DJ Aladdin is unified with the specific rapping of WC: he showsituations among the ideal flows of the year, impeccable, deeply smoothness, technically clean, dope, through which he delivers some excellent braggadocio lyrics with some social commentary.WC and also DJ Aladdin just collaborate for a couple of years, but they let go of this flawmuch less West Coast masterpiece cost-free of defects and also full of classical cuts, an awesome relaxed and also relaxing document, very pleasant, magnificent, that need to be even more appreciated. It's among the the majority of pleasant and also beautiful West Coast musical experiences that an East Coast fan have the right to have: many thanks Low Profile, classical album.Highlights: "Funky Song". Amazing minimal funky rhythm through jazzy facets, Aladdin's terrific fresh dope production through great scratches on the hook, impeccable delivery of WC, classic ish. "Keep Em' Flowing". Excellent smooth distribution of the rapper, splendid soulful jazzy bridge on the hook, heavenly, nice light funky boom bap by DJ Aladdin. "How Ya Livin'". Beautiful jazzy bridge via sax solo on the hook, impressive funky boom bap through bells and sax in the background (many thanks DJ Aladdin), smooth, dope and technically clean distribution by WC. Wonderful cut.Rating: 9.2/10.
aappiinna May 01 2018 4.00 stars

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What a shame it is! WC went from a promising rapper through a crazy circulation and also the right balance between street-talk, bragging and also social commentary to making degenerate gangsta rap albums via Ice Cube. But in 1989 things were great. WC teamed up through DJ Aladdin to form a duo wbelow props are given appropriately à la Fresh Prince style. While Aladdin is no Jazzy Jeff as soon as it comes to the production, it's among the earliest albums that truly remind you of what the Golden Period hip-hop sounds prefer. Hoswarm, not overly facility sampling with focused rapping. Although a lot of of that crmodify goes to WC himself, impeccable flow and also the most interesting lyrics the West Coast had to sell aside from N.W.A's more political songs. And WC doesn't come off as a militant, angry young babsence male à la Chuck D, he sounds favor Melle Mel's "The Message" reincarnated in Los Angeles. WC is truly among the the majority of underrated rappers of all-time, this is just one of the best rapped albums of the entirety year and it still holds up pretty damn well.Rating: 4