Sledge tells this story about the incentive for the song:He was an orderly at the Colbert County Hospital throughout the days and a singer in an neighborhood band at night. One night he… Read More 

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When a guy loves a womanCan't store his mind on nothin' elseHe'd change the civilization for the great thing he's foundIf she is bad, he can't see itShe deserve to perform no wrongTurn his back on his finest friend if he put her downWhen a man loves a womanHe'll spfinish his very last dimeTryin' to hold on to what he needsHe'd provide up all his comfortsAnd sleep out in the rainIf she said that's the wayIt should beWell, this guy loves you, womanI gave you every little thing I hadTryin' to organize on to your heartless loveBaby, please don't treat me badWhen a man loves a womanDown deep in his soulShe can bring him such miseryIf she is playin' him for a foolHe's the last one to knowLovin' eyes have the right to never before see
When a male loves a womanHe deserve to execute her no wrongHe deserve to never before wantSome various other girlYes when a guy loves a womanI recognize precisely how he feelsCausage baby, baby, you're my worldWhen a man loves a womale...

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Sledge tells this story around the incentive for the song:

He was an orderly at the Colbert County Hospital during the days and also a singer in an local band also at night. One night he found he was so upcollection about a womale and a damaged connection that he couldn’t perdevelop. His eactivities gained the much better of him and also he turned to bass player Calvin Lewis and organ player Andrew Wideal and also asked them to play a sluggish blues backing and he would certainly sing what he was feeling. Sledge claims the trio later on reworked the concept he’d ad-libbed that night right into the tape-recorded variation of the song.

This Sledge song is the initially in a long line of great songs videotaped at the Muscle Shoals Sound studio in Shefarea, AL.

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Sledge did not compose the song, yet the lyrics fit his situation perfectly after his girlfrifinish left him –

I didn’t have any money to seek her, so tright here was nopoint I might do to try and also acquire her back

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