Channing Tatum Before Magic Mike XXL

Before he was making us swoon in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, Channing Tatum was a dancer-turned-runmeans version. In this special throwback video, take a look at the hunky star at age 21, as soon as he was still an aspiring movie star.

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Joe Manganiello Talks THAT Scene From Magic Mike XXL

Decades from now, when human being are living on the moon and driving flying cars and taking them to check out Magic Mike XVI: The Golden Years, we will still be YouTubing Joe Manganiello's epic convenience-keep dance scene from Magic Mike XXL. A refresher, in case you blacked out from lust: The boys obstacle Big Penis Richie to get a grouchy cashier to smile, and also he goes to work—equipped through just a Backstreet Boys soundtrack and also the snacks at hand also. Turns out he's the MacGyver of seductive choreography, bereason it all functions out. We asked Manganiello for the story behind the sequence. It came from the same place all great concepts come from. "Channing and Reid came up through that scene in a warm tub one night." The one-on-one establishing was a large adjust of pace from the rest of the film. "Throughout some scenes, tright here were cshed to 1,000 extras. They'd get louder on every take. That made us want to constantly top the last one, to give them somepoint fresh. But it was wild." Manganiello himself Wanted It That Way. "Warner Bros. offered me a list of music to pick. There was no

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How Magic Mike XXL Became the Many Shockingly Feminist Movie of the Summer

If you haven't watched Magic Mike XXL yet, cshed your internet browser, hydrate, and also go straight to your regional movie theater. This item includes spoilers. No, seriously, I am going to damage every little thing. When I sat down to display screen Magic Mike XXL a few months earlier, I had some expectations in mind for exactly how I would feel when I left: blinded by ab glisten, battling debilitating jealousy towards Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and altogether also riled approximately resume my normal, sober workday. What I didn't imagine was that I'd leave reasoning I simply saw the a lot of empowering, progressive film of the summer. But—I swear on Ginuwine's "Pony"—that's specifically what XXL is. It's the sort of film we've been taught that studios are loath to take a possibility on. Every single one of its 121 minutes seems to have actually been designed not simply to fulfill women's eyes yet to stoke our egos and mine our more intelligent fantasies—the romantic ones and the feminist ones. If you've viewed the film, you recognize the moments I'm talking about: There's Joe Manganiello, the closest thing human beings need to anatomical perfection, working overtime in the convenience store to get a smile from exactly one normal-looking woguy. There's