Attention folks! Time for some hocus-pocus and also abracadabra! Here are some jaw-dropping magic pranks to attempt. From making things vanish right into thin air to fascinating levitation tricks, we’re sure these tasks will certainly provide you a fully magical experience. So what are you waiting for? Get began and share your experiences with us!

13Jaw-Dropping Tricks For Your Kids

The Disappearing CoinTrick

One second it’s there, and the next it simply vanishes! How does that happen? Some coloured paper, a glass jar and also a photograph/coin are all that’s compelled. The disappearing cointrick is a super-engaging activity that will store your children on the edge of his/her seat!

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Levitating Card Trick

Ever made something relocate by simply twirling your fingers? With this remarkable task, you can! Shock your audience with this powerful magical card trick. Make things move and also freeze upon your command. The mysterious and also eerie levitation trick is certain to be enthralling for your audience!

Standard Cups Trick

Want to make things show up and disappear out of nowhere?

Here’s a captivating trick via paper cups and also rubber bands that will certainly save your audience hooked and also awed!

Make bands disshow up from one cup and re-show up in another. A classical magic trick that is sure to be applauded!

Disshowing up Octopus

Are you all set to fascinate your son and also create his/her curiosity with an impressive magic trick? Here’s a famed one that will amaze your child—the magic trick disappearing octopus! You can make Flright into the octopus’s photograph disshow up and also reshow up as and when you please! So take out your magic wands, learn some magic spells, and also obtain all set for some exciting fun!

Hovercard Magic

If you’re wondering what to carry out through your fill of cards, then we have some insane magic trick principles for you! Here’s one: ever before tried making a card hover in mid-air? A few magic incantations and plenty of thinking will certainly do the trick! Let’s start through hovercard magic trick!

Cut A Human being In Half

We’ve watched magicians perform the renowned trick of sawing his/her assistant in half. Have you ever before wondered just how they come out in one piece without gaining a single scratch on them? Here’s a file (and safer!) version of the sawing magic trick. Are you ready?

The Invisible Tennis Ball Magic Trick

Did you hear about the tennis ball that disshowed up when placed beneath a pile of tworry papers? Now, you’ll check out it for yourself! The invisible tennis sphere trick is a tricky-yet-stunning magic task that will totally baffle your audience. Ensure that you practise for this one!

The Impossible Anti-Gravity Ring Magic Trick

Well, this task is not as difficult as the name renders it appear! Magic tricks are constantly fun when they defy scientific research. Defy the legislation of gravity by making a ring travel upwards! All it needs is fine job-related of coordicountry and also motor abilities — and also a well-concealed key from the audience which we expose at the end!

Vanishing Toothpick Magic Trick

One second, you have actually a toothpick in your hand also. The extremely following second, it’s gone! Three seconds later on, you bring it ago. Wait, exactly how does this work?! It’s so easy, it will take you by finish surprise! Magic tricks aren’t finish without stunning disappearing acts – and also we aren’t making use of any kind of invisibility cloaks on this one!

Super Fist Vanishing Act

Another vanishing act, yet this time we’re going Hulk Mode! The Incredible Hulk’s fist smashes the coin making it disappear in this magical act. Or is tright here a more believable reason?! Watch the whole video to uncover out how a coin placed inside a fist vanishes in thin air! Your kids will certainly be completely baffled!

Stunning Coin Thstormy Glass Magic Trick

Coin magic tricks are super fun, don’t you think? Well, we have actually one more coin trick up our sleeve! Make a coin take a trip via and also right into a plastic glass filled via water! Sounds impossible? You require a little bit of patience and also most practise for this one, so don’t offer up! Your audience will love this!

Coin Thunstable Table Magic Trick

We told you we love coin magic tricks! Here’s another! Use a few innovative distractions and take the audience by surpclimb when you make a coin in your hand also vanish in thin air and also re-appear in your various other hand! Did the coin take a trip via the table? What actually happened? Watch the whole video to know!

Coin Thturbulent Bottle Magic Trick

Swiftness is essential in this magic trick! Tap a bottle, cast a few spells, make crazy hand-movements and also transport a coin into a bottle in a nano-second! How does this work?! It will certainly save your audience stunned! Are you ready to attempt these magic tricks? Well then, let the magic begin! Abracadabra!


Wasn’t that absolutely engaging? You have the right to additionally your child’s interest in magic by taking them to magic mirrors or videos of revealed magic tricks. These tasks will certainly likewise assist your kid understand the idea of ‘seeing isn’t believing’!

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Got mesmerized via the tricks being displayed in the videos. And thanks a lot for the explanation displayed article the trick. I will try via my boy. Hope she will gain it.