DESIGN DETAILS In architecture there are plenty of details that have to be articulated for a specific vision to come to life. Your flooring deserve to be a straightforward way to make a statement without saying a word.


A really simple way to develop interemainder is via a pattern.

Patterns, if not executed appropriately deserve to be a little tricky. If they are too busy , they take amethod from the as a whole look and if they are too simple it’s a missed opportunity.

The crucial to making a visual statement is to be selective via the fads and also just how they are being provided.

For instance , tone on tone trends are the easiest method to make a good affect without it feeling overly done.


We love using herringbone whenever feasible in our architecture plans. In some instances we keep it monochromatic to store the style subtle in various other instances it needs to have contrast………..

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La Casa Azul Design


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Georgiana Design

In our the majority of recent task we decided a beautiful blue /babsence limestone and also chose to install it in a herringbone pattern , via white grout. This gives the laundry room an extremely distinctive architecture and could make you almost forgain there is the dreaded laundry to be done. This room is a job-related in progression , we still have actually a little bit more job-related to be done, but we are obtaining tright here, so continue to be tuned for the finish reveal……


As you are taking the all at once architecture into account look for little moments to shine , whether is be making a pattern on the floors, creating interest with a backslash in an unsupposed way or distinctive location. These subtle transforms make a people of distinction and can adjust your home into a wondertotally designed retreat!

Renovating your residence and producing an environment that functions for the method you live have to be fun, even with some of its challenges which is why we exist here at La Casa Azul.

We specialize in renovating older spaces and turning them into your dream. If you’re looking to start a residence renovation task and don’t know where to start, we’d love to help!

We market totally free calls to anyone looking to start a renovation project that doesn’t know wright here to start. We’ll talk with you about your vision and the goals for your house, and sell our best solutions to gain you on the way to your well-appointed home.

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