As you might know already, Make Up For Ever is launching a brand-new waterproof and long-lasting structure this month! Ideal for all skin types, the Water Blend foundation is made up of 80% pro-vitamin B5 infoffered water. Its lightweight formula is meant to even out the complexion and offer skin a dewy glow.

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The Water Blend foundation is obtainable in 20 shades and the array is divided right into 2 categories : Yellow undertones (Y) and also Red undertones (R).

I have 3 shades :R330
is similar to NW25, if you are acquainted through MAC foundations.R370 would be a good enhance for you if you are in between a NW30 and also NW35.Y405 is comparable to NC30 but the undertones are very heat. This shade is the best match for me, yet it"s too orangey so I must include a drop of MUFE blue Chromatic Mix.

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This structure has a really unique consistency, it looks choose a creamy gel however it gets extremely watery as soon as you begin working it into the skin. After a couple of secs, it sets on the skin and feels a bit tacky. The coverage is sheer but you have the right to develop it approximately complete coverage via one more layer! In comparison to MAC Studio Waterweight
, the Water Blend foundation is much less dewy and also oily, it provides even more coverage as well. It"s more dewy and also natural-looking than Make Up For Ever Ultra HD.
If your skin is oily, I very indicate to use some powder on the T-zone. I favor to use the Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder through this foundation bereason it"s exceptionally carefully milled. I would recommfinish to usage a mattifying primer as well, NeoStrata"s Oil Free Matifying Fluid and Make Up For Ever"s Step 1 Mattifying Primer
are really great through the Water Blend foundation.Here"s the shade Y405 on me without any kind of primer (1 layer, applied via my fingers) :
As you can check out, it has a slightly dewy end up and really look prefer skin! It doesn"t even look prefer I have actually structure on. There is no SPF so it"s perfect for photography and it doesn"t cling to dry patches.I like to use the Water Blend structure via my fingers if I desire sheer coverage, or via a brush (such as Urban Decay Good Fate Optical Blurring Brush) as soon as I want to develop up the coverage.Here"s 2 layers used via a brush (through the Step 1 Mattifying Primer) :
This is a beautiful natural-looking foundation! That being shelp, my skin gets oily reasonably easily also through a mattifying primer and also some powder, particularly if I apply 2 layers. I think the formula is as well hydrating for my skin type appropriate currently, but it would be great for the cooler months!It"s not transfer-proof on me bereason my skin is very oily, however it does not sepaprice or crease about my laugh lines. Oh and also it"s really waterproof!
The Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation retail for $54 CAD for 50ml.(I received these commodities in order to evaluate them and provide my opinion, however rest assured that my comments are always honest and also impartial.)

I absolutely desire to attempt this. Do you recognize just how it compares to the MUFE challenge and Body Liquid Foundation?


I remained in Sephora this weekfinish and also so-wanted to inspect out this foundation, yet they didn't also have it in stock yet, so I was super-bummed!! I guess I will certainly need to wait or buy online. Looks choose a nice foundation.