Owner, Mike Hodge was rushed to hospital through injuries to neck and jaw complying with shocking occurrence captured that was recorded on camera.

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Terrifying minute lion savagely strikes elderly guy in an enclocertain and also drags him across the floor, (Youtube Screengrab/ Daniel Kalemasi)

A video has gone viral wright here a 67-year-old male was mauled by a vast male lion in South Africa. The British man is the wildlife park's owner.

The owner, Mike Hodge was ruburned to hospital with injuries to the neck and jaw adhering to the shocking incident recorded that was caught on electronic camera.

The viral video of the assault, filmed at the Marakele Predator Park in South Africa shows Hodge entering the lion’s enclocertain, wbelow shortly enough, witnesses watch in horror as the animal pursues him in the direction of the metal door of the pen and drags him earlier.

The park is believed to be nine kilometers from Thabazimbi.

Onlookers scream as he is dragged back by the beastern. The hulking pet cregulations at the male - that goes limp in its grip.

The lion drags the guy farther into the enclocertain, into some bushes and onlookers scream for aid.

Suddenly a shot rings out - thneed to be from a warden's gun and the big cat drops its prey and runs for cover.

A woguy is heard howling in horror at what she has actually just observed while an additional man is heard shouting 'acquire a rifle'.

The substantial cat is thshould have actually been put dvery own in the wake of the grisly strike.

Marakele Predator Park was established in 2010 by Mr Hodge and also his wifer Chrissy after they emoved from the UK, according to its website.

Their present site has actually over a dozen massive cat, including white lions, cheetahs and two Bengal tigers.

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