Whether you need a one time deep cleaning or continuous cleaning eexceptionally 2 weeks we have the right to aid. Need your organization or office cleaned, too? Just give us a call!


Lex and Kygo
Guy and the Mop Stars are amazing! I dubbed on a Friday and also had my abandoned apartment cleaned the complying with Monday. The did an OUTSTANDING project on a really dirty apartment. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Angie Scartezina
Definitely will certainly hire them aobtain in the future! I was stressing because I was relocating and also was running out of time. I called the company last minute and Guy answered. He had the ability to fit me in their schedule. Guy had great communication with me from beginning to finish. Mrs. Cortez landed on time on the day of the cleaning. She did such an excellent project in the amount of time she was given. I came from work to examine the apartment, and it was a totally different apartment. Super clean! Would recommfinish to family and friends.

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Jennifer Gonzalez
Laura and her daughter were friendly and also experienced. They listened as I talked to them about my cleaning needs. They did an awesome job in a timely manner. I would certainly very recommend them and the company to everyone!
Jodi English
I had actually simply bought a residence and also essential someone to clean the grime from previous owners. I stumbled throughout MOP STARS and I am so glad that I did. The communication was great and also it was easy to obtain my business reserved. Elida was on time and also very friendly while cleaning. She did a wonderful task and also I will be requesting her for any type of future services!
Catie Kennedy
Clara and also Juan have actually cleaned my residence twice currently and also both times my has has actually shone! They are exceptionally thoturbulent and also have actually gone beyond my expectations.
Michele Perchonok
Natalie and also her cleaning companion are the best! This was my initially clean with them and also they were wonderful. I had a busy work-from-house day of meetings and had zero time to walk them through things. But they did everything perfectly. Even my adolescents commented on exactly how clean the residence was (including their rooms) as soon as they came house from school! And Guy is extremely responsive and also accommodating through scheduling.
Christy Ferguson
Very well done!
Eric McGlone
The cleaners were professional and also efficient. I’m incredibly happy with the attention passist to small details.
Darren Hommertzheim
Guy is incredible! He had the ability to relocate things about to accommodate a time & day that would certainly job-related for our family members. When the cleaners arrived, they were on time, efficient however also exceptionally in-depth. They spent 4 hrs right here & our home has never before looked so clean! We are certainly going to usage them for our program cleans.
Mariah Nava
Angelica did an extremely thounstable and wonderful clean!
Courtney Birchfield
Guy is always incredibly communicative and also great to job-related with scheduling. Clara and also Juan have actually been our cleaners a few times now and execute an remarkable job - extremely recommend!
Evan Walters
My experience through Mop Stars was TOP TIER! I necessary a last minute relocate out clean and also they not only accommodated my research, yet made the procedure so easy and tension cost-free. I will certainly many definitely be using their solutions again!
Latisha Clerkley
We newly started making use of Mop Stars for our commercial areas and also are exceptionally impressed! From receiving a quote from the owner simply about same-day, to getting solutions reserved within a week of getting to out. Brittany kind of is our cleaner and she is a joy to occupational through. Very friendly and professional! Thanks for all your hard work-related Brittany! We are even considering transitioning all of our locations to use Mop Stars in the close to future! Thanks again!
Justine Gibson
I was so impressed through my move-in cleaning. It was choose 2 angels had actually arrived to aid me.
Tara Shirey
Guy is great to work through. Efficient interaction, fair price, and excellent business. Really appreciate how effective of a transactivity this was, and also I am happy to assistance MOP STARS. I will certainly continue to usage them for all of my cleaning demands going forward, and also after they come I will just eat off the floor and also counters for a couple of days and not use any kind of plates.
Steve Riley
I have actually supplied Mop Stars twice now and each time they have done spectacular occupational helping me help my clients acquire their homes display or move in ready. I will certainly continue to job-related with and recommend them to anyone trying to find great cleaners!
Jakid Sirois
Lovely couple that had a lot to clean! I am very pleased with the results! Thank you Mop Stars!
Lynn Snyder Goetz - Keller Williams Realty DTC LLC
We were preparing our residence for sale on an extremely tight timeline and also not just did Mop Stars gain us on the schedule, they knocked it out of the ballpark via their deep clean. They were prompt, polite, asked inquiries and also took the time to carry out a small arranging of decor, and so on given that they knew we needed to be “present ready.” We were so impressed and also so appreciative understanding they are helping us via a major life event. Thanks!
Jamie W.
Amazing job. Could not have actually asked for anything even more or anything in a different way. They went above and also past our expectations.
Nick Zimmerman
Tyhannie has actually been wonderful to job-related with in our office to store us looking clean and also professional! She and Guy were extremely useful once we essential to rearrange because of an emergency.
Kati Schwabe
I contacted Mop Stars Denver last minute (Friday for a Monday cleaning) and they were able to accommodate. Guy was prompt and experienced through the reservation. Lynsey did a wonderful job! The cleaning was thostormy. My partner and also I were very pleased with Lynsey’s occupational.
Jared Morris
Did a final clean to sell a rental property. Great job on floors, bathroom fixtures, cabinets. Would highly recommend.
Debbie Winograd
They were incredibly thostormy and effective.
Jimmy Stegall
After her cleaning, this was the ideal our house eexceptionally looked!
Christine David
Excellent cleaning by muzic-ivan.info! Landlord was pleased as Tyhannie did an excellent task. Highly recommfinish this company!
J Vogel
Have never before had actually a far better suffer via residence cleaning firm. Guy is good to work via, and also Tyhannie is an absolute skilled and also exceptionally thorough via cleaning. My house has never before looked better!
Erica Winters
The two individuals who cleaned our home were polite, thounstable, and professional. We arrangement on making use of MOP Stars aacquire.
Robert Hadlow
Julie did a good job-related and we are a lot happy via the business. This is a ideal Cleaning business below in denver.
Ashraf Ali
Guy and also his team constantly perform a great job! I am a Realtor and also have actually supplied many kind of cleaning services over the years. Denver MOPS STARS is at the top of my referral list. Highly recommend!!
joyce hachen
Excellent! Juan and Clara were great. They were incredibly thounstable overall, and such sweet people! They did a good project deep cleaning our home. Guy, the owner, complies with up and also answers any type of inquiries ahead of time. They controlled to squeeze us in with a week or less of notification, which we also appreciated. Highly recommend.
Melissa Verlet
We have actually been utilizing Mop Stars for a number of years. Guy, the owner, has constantly been quick to respond, store us increated, and also functional in meeting our demands. Our monthly cleanings are thoturbulent, particularly for the previous few months thanks to Julie! She cleans whatever, including the baseboards and ceiling fans. She is additionally able to literally work/clean approximately me, as soon as I need to work from home.
We love the level of cleaning that Julie gives us!! She cleans the old fashioned method of gaining down on her hands and also knees to clean.. she is amazing!many thanks Julie!
Mary Jo Britton
Best cleaning crew we’ve ever before utilized!
Abi Fadeyi
Got business for my finicky Mvarious other who was absolutely delighted via Maria and Monica"s cleaning. I have never heard of her speak so extremely about any kind of cleaning tasks she has actually gained from miscellaneous agencies before this. I look forward to using Mop Stars later on,
Erin McNamara
Julie is simply wonderful. She is great at what she does. She has actually the shower door glass so clean my husband also walked right into it the various other day. She really takes her time to assist organize things and put points in their rightful area. I appreciate all the work she has actually done for me and also look forward to her arrival every various other week!
Amy Gaikowski
Juan and also Clara from muzic-ivan.info did an outstanding task on our move out cleaning. They were extremely detail oriented; they cleaned the tops of door frames, baseboards, door handles, and also all home window sills. They made my fridge and also appliances sparkle. I would not hesitate to hire them aacquire bereason they were so thostormy and also took such pride in their work. It additionally does not hurt that they were both personable and basic to talk to!
Nicola Zalkind
This was the ideal investment in our recent home purchase, to get a deep clean. Our brand-new house had actually a devastating odor from the prior owners pets. One contact to Mop Stars had their ideal crew, Maria and Monica on website the next day. A quick walk through and they went directly to work-related scrubbing all the floors, wiping out eexceptionally cupboard and drawer, internal home windows, toilets. There was a toilet which was gross, had actually devastating stains, I was planning to relocation it, figuring it was a shed reason - to my surprise they obtained that thing sparkling clean as brand-new. They operated conveniently, effectively and also were incredibly nice civilization. I will certainly certainly usage Mop Stars in the future. Very pleased via the outcomes.
paul a dempster
Great agency, reinserted my cleaned up in a short notice, very friendly, and professional. They also gave me a cheaper price than a lot of.
Roger Miller
We had actually simply purchased a house and the former owner had actually dogs and also tright here was a solid "wet dog" odor which permeated the house. Mop Stars sent out their ideal and also they functioned their magic, cleaning the floors and also wiping down all cabinets, drawers, home windows and so on One of the ideal purchases we"ve made. They arrived on time, functioned successfully and also gained our brand-new home smelling great. Would recommend them and also I will usage them again.
Pauly D
Jessica and also Daniel were exceptionally skilled and also operated tright here tails off.
Joan Gavazzi
The team sent out to carry out the move out clean were on time and did a phenomenal job via our move out clean. They were in-depth, difficult functioning, and did all we asked. I highly recommend this agency and also would certainly absolutely use aacquire. The house looked sparkling clean.
Lori Manghini
Mop stars did a superb project in cleaning the area considering that we were relocating out. They were extremely committed and had great attention to detail. They cleaned the bathrooms, cabinets, kitchen range, vacuumed the carpet and cleaned the blinds. I extremely recommfinish them in Coloraexecute springs location.
prajwal sanket
After speaking via Guy, it was found that his Mop Stars crew did NOT clean for me the second and also third times I hired them. He is going above and beyond to assure that going forward I will certainly get the organization I research. Thanks Guy for getting to out to clarify the instance and making points right!
terry mercer
I rarely usage expert home cleaning organization, however this time we were preparing our residence for the rent, so we necessary whatever to be done by a experienced. I am incredibly happy via their work. House looked brilliant at the end. Highly recommfinish making use of this agency for house cleaning in Denver.
Tiffany Parham
I offered Mop Stars to prepare my parents house for sale. Sherry and April were so extremely type and engaging and also they did an remarkable job! It is noticeable that the sisters take good pride in their work! I would definitely usage the fantastic Mop Stars team for any other cleaning needs. Even my realtor listed that the residence simply sparkled.
Suzanne McKay
We provided Mop Stars for a move out cleaning and also we couldn"t be happier through their company. They were expert, extremely upbeat AND their cleaning was Fantastic! The home looked impressive when they were done. I would certainly extremely recommend them!
trish woodier
I had a clean last week and I can not be happier! The totality process was incredible from scheduling through Holly to the final clean. I will certainly refer and usage Mop Stars later. Thank you a million times for everything
Annette Williams
Holly put up a move-out clean on a conperform we"re selling and a very first clean on a brand-new house we"re moving to this month. Both were fantastic. We"ll be utilizing them aacquire for a move-OUT from our current residence and for monthly cleanings going forward. Was recommended by family members that additionally use their solutions and also are also exceptionally pleased.
Laura Hurt
Almethods a great job attention to details will be calling them soon
Ronald Dickey
Mop Stars did an excellent job cleaning my townhome post sale. I will certainly absolutely use them aacquire.
Tracey Cammorto
Wonderful job!
Sally Hodge
What a great team! So experienced and also amazing staff. I had the pleasure of functioning with Guy and he did an impressive project helping me via acquiring the schedule confirmed. I was still really nervous around the process around hiring a cleaning crew and Guy was wonderful going with what I can intend. Holly additionally was awesome confirming what time I could expect their crew there. What a good and efficient team that showed as much as obtain the job done. I couldn’t be happier and would certainly hands dvery own recommend them aget and also aacquire to anyone that needs a cleaning service! This was one of the finest experiences I have ever had and also couldn’t be more grateful that I discovered them. If you want somepoint done right and also done extremely well then reach out to Mop Stars! You won’t be disappointed.
Delia VanEman
The deep clean that the two ladies did on our home was first class fantastic. The blinds, looked new. The glass shower looks favor it has never. The tile floor looks so clean. We had tough water stains that we tried whatever to gain out. Mop Stars did it. We love them. This was civilization class great. Great price for the substantial amount of occupational they did. Totally use them aget.
Stuart (Quieteden)
Great Company! Holly is the best , always responds in a timely manner and also has a good attitude. 5 stars all the way!
Danielle Christ
Guy and Holly have actually been good to occupational with. They do the majority of our move out cleans, do an excellent task and always assist us out through our quick turnarounds.
Barb Hendrix
Great service - they cleaned everythung andit looked great!
Jeremy Dominguez
Just had actually my house cleaned by Mop Stars. It looks absolutely amazing, I will certainly definitely use them aget. I got the deep clean and also my home was sparkling top to bottom. The information was unbelievable. So exceptionally happy via you all! Thank you. ~Olivia
Oliby means of Richert
Great experience! My husband also and also I have 3 dogs and full-time tasks. We attempt to pick up and also vacuum as we have the right to, but it"s exhausting after a long day at the office. I hired MOP Stars for a deep clean because we were at our wits finish trying to keep the place fresh and also clean. The 3 lovely females who cleaned the residence were superior. They gained right into nooks and also crannies that, fairly frankly, I had actually forobtained about. The home looked sparkly clean and also smelled excellent. I will be using this company frequently.
A Teo
Great work! Mop Stars does the little bit touches that make you feel choose you live in a high-end hotel. Very friendly and also good cleaning! They obviously care. Thank you!
Greg Sherwood
We recently hired Mop Stars for a finish move out cleaning of our 5,200 sq. ft. home in Denver the day before our closing. They were very professional and also we were exceptionally happy through their service. We would extremely recommfinish them.
Lisa Kulha
Great job!
Anattracted Rohr
They did an excellent project on my apartment for a relocate out cleaning. It was cleaned much better than I got it prior to I moved in. I will certainly be informing all my friends to usage them.
Christopher Yates
The cleaning crew did a fabulous job on a residential property that really required a deep clean. I extremely recommend Mop Stars
Kay Watson
Excellent job, prompt, fair price.
Ray Curtis
I highly reccommend Mop Stars. they cleaned our home after we relocated out and did an excellent project.
Mary McDonough
I researched numerous cleaning providers and received quotes for business and also muzic-ivan.info was competitively priced, through quick and also expert responses. We"ve had actually other cleaning solutions at our home and we were not impressed through the services, so we didn"t continue via them.We were so impressed with muzic-ivan.info attention to information and also professionalism. We began through an initial deep clean and also it was exceptional. The bathroom sparkled and also cracks and crevices I never before assumed would certainly be clean aobtain, were spotless! They took their time and made sure every little thing was done appropriate. The kitchen was exceptionally clean also. We will continue with continual cleaning with muzic-ivan.info as they exceeded our expectations.The interaction from Guy was timely, experienced and beneficial.
Allison Benson
They did an exceptional Job in our home. It was a building zone and they made it look fabulous!!
Elisabeth French
We"ve tried several local cleaning services and none of them compare to Mop Stars. The team was skilled and also did a terrific task. Their deep clean was truly a "deep" clean....we were extremely impressed through the effort they put in to encertain we were completely satisfied. We"ve signed up for recurring service with them and couldn"t be happier! Their back office communication is likewise excellent - very responsive!
Crystal Boysen
The staff of Mop Stars cleaned our home yesterday. It was so nice to come home to a clean house without the nasty smell of chemicals as they use products that are much more environmentally friendly. They were exceptionally thorough and went over and also past what was expected. Great service!
Tierney Aldridge
Superior friendly company. They cleaned, hauled stuff ameans and also no headache for me!
Susan Wolff
Angelica through Mop Stars cleaned my home yesterday and also she was wonderful. She was on time, thoturbulent, and most importantly she took the time do for it best. My residence sparkled as soon as she was done working her magic! I couldn’t be happier. #muzic-ivan.inforock
Amber Schutte
Very conscientious team doing their best to provide you the finest organization they have the right to always
Devin Bewley
5 star customer organization. Guy was wonderful to work through, and also the cleaning team did a pretty excellent project the initially time around. I did notification a few small missed locations (hence the 4 stars), however Guy easily sent out someone out to clean them. I was pleased through the organization provided and would recommend the agency to others.
Stacia Johnson

What Makes MOP STARS Special?

Every agency should know what separates them from the competition. We already recognize that people will go to great lengths to prevent household chores

But we think that an excellent house cleaning organization does more than simply a couple of chores.

So what makes us different?

We focus on the greatest quality  feasible. We build permanent relationships. We emphasis on structure a real team within MOP STARS. 

We think you’ll notice the MOP STARS distinction the second you pick up the phone and provide us a call! 

Call (303) 481-1976

Meet Guy Peters

When you speak to, you’ll sheight via the owner and also founder of Denver MOP STARS Cleaning Service, Guy Peters. 

He spent years functioning on consumer brands in carbonated soft drinks (Canada Dry, Schweppes, Hires, A&W), food (Egg Beaters), and golf (Dunlop, Maxfli, and also TaylorMade). He wants to bring the professionalism and efficiency of corporate Amerihave the right to to the residence cleaning industry! 

Guy has a Bachelor’s level in Finance from the California State University at Sacramento and also an MBA from Cornell University.

Call (303) 481-1976

Our Service Area

Denver MOP STARS Cleaning Service is proud to provide residential and also commercial cleaning to the ENTIRE metro area!

Including the complying with cities:

DenverEnglewoodCentennialLittletonFt CollinsLakewoodThorntonAnd more! 

Mop Stars

Before…And After MOP STARS!

Wondering just how a expert house cleaning organization is various from your daily home cleaner? 

It’s before and also afters choose this that truly make Denver MOP STARS Cleaning Service various. It’s likewise what sets a skilled cleaning team acomponent from your average perkid. 

Not only are we able to absolutely transcreate your house in document time but we can perform it in document time. 

Experience the difference a expert renders and also call us today! 

Call (303) 481-1976

Frequently Asked Questions!

You’ve acquired inquiries and we’ve gained answers! Find Out more about Denver MOP STARS Cleaning Service!

Is your home cleaning company insured?

Yes, Denver MOP STARS Cleaning Service is completely insured!

There are 2 types of insurance that eincredibly client must think about once selecting a cleaning service—a Firm Owner’s Policy and Workers’ Compensation.

A Firm Owner’s Policy covers a company owner for many kind of different potential claims.

You, as a customer, must be involved about points favor property damage and theft.

Ask any type of cleaning service you are considering if they have a organization owner’s plan. You don’t should take their word for it, they should have the ability to sfinish you an up-to-date Certificate of Insurance right away, if they have actually one.

Hire an insured Denver house cleaning service via a reasonable minimum of $1M in coverage. You may never before need them to file a case, but if they execute not carry insurance, what else are they doing to reduced corners? If somepoint goes wrong, you are not likely to hear from them aacquire.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a have to for eincredibly company that employs civilization (or they have to article a bond to self-insure).

Workers’ compensation insurance covers our employees in case they acquire hurt on the job. More importantly, they are extended if they obtain hurt while in your home!

This is vital. Just like the organization owner’s plan, be certain that any type of Denver residence cleaning firm you consider has actually their employees covered.

If you hire an independent home cleaner who does not bring their own workers’ compesecountry insurance, then you are liable for any injury that occurs while they are cleaning your house. Keep in mind that a Homeowner’s Policy does NOT cover a business-related accident on your home.

Reduce your danger and also liability by hiring a cleaning business that is totally insured.

You can begin by providing Denver MOP STARS Cleaning Service a speak to today! 

What cleaning products carry out you use?

For months I researched what home cleaning products to use in our clients’ residences in order to offer you the cleaswarm home through the lowest impact. Our cleaning products come in three categories:

LiquidsToolsFloor equipment

People ask many frequently about liquids.

Our core cleaning products are Green Seal certified, and also we buy them from Eco Lab. These are the basics we usage eincredibly day—all function, bathroom, floor and also disinfectant cleaners. Environment-friendly Seal certified cleaning commodities are produced to minimize humale and also aquatic toxicity. These are pH neutral and will certainly not damage herbal stone floors and also counters.

We use stronger chemicals (lower on the pH scale), such as bleach assets, only once necessary—to rerelocate hard water mineral buildup from shower glass surfaces. Mineral buildup over time is basically stone growing on glass, so it requires an acidic product for removal.

Let us understand if you execute not want us to usage more powerful products.

Tools assist the liquids perform their job. We usage small brushes the size of a toothbrush for tight places, such as faucets; plastic scrapers for gunk that doesn’t desire to be removed; and also magic erasers for scuff marks on white surdeals with.

Microfiber towels are a staple tool in our cleaning bags. We use color-coded towels, green and also red, to mitigate cross-contamicountry. Red towels are offered in a bathroom and also nowright here else in the home. Two clients told me that they watched their previous house cleaners perform the bathroom and also then the kitchen via the very same towel. Yikes!

For floors we usage vacuums and also microfiber mops. We have actually a backfill vacuum for difficult floors and also an upright for carpet. We don’t use a vacuum with roller bar on hardwood, but we require a roller bar on carpet.

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Let us recognize if you have actually your own residence cleaning products for us to usage. We do that, as well.

How often will you clean my house?
When it concerns just how regularly we clean it’s entirely up to you!We discover that bi-weekly cleaning is the best for a lot of clients. With cleaning eextremely 2 weeks, our clients just should store up through the basics while the Denver MOP STARS team handles the bigger projects!That suggests your residence looks exceptional all year long!But for folks that prefer to keep up through even more of the cleaning on a day-to-day basis, it can make even more sense to have a clean one a month. Or also every various other month.At the finish of the day, our house cleaning schedule totally up to you!
Do I need to be residence when the cleaners arrive?