Casual Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn

It’s no surpincrease that among the the majority of iconic numbers in pop society is likewise a well-known Halloween costume for many type of. To stand also out from the sea of white “Salso Year Itch” dresses, all you need babsence turtleneck, a pair of capris, a blonde wig and some classic red lipstick. Or, you can usage the exact same garments and rock brunette hair and also pink lipstick if Audrey Hepburn is more your style!

Photos: (above) Marilyn Monroe at home, 1953. Alfred Eisenstaedt—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images, (below) Audrey Hepburn in a promotional shoot for “Sabrina,” 1954, Bettman/Getty Images


Morticia Addams:


Equal components vintage and also spooky, Morticia Addams is a festive choice for the Halloween seachild. To channel your inner goth mother, gain a long-sleeved babsence dress, a babsence wig, and also some dark lipstick. You have the right to even acquire some friends to dress up as other members of the Addams family!

Photo: Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams, 1964, Walt Disney Television Archives/Getty Images

James Dean

“Grease” has inspired many type of a costume, however what’s better than going right to the source by channeling James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause?” All you need is a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and also a red jacket and you’ll have the coolest costume at the party!

Photo: James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause,” 1955, Michael Ochs/Getty Imperiods.



Nopoint is even more fun and lively than the fashions of the late 60’s, and also who is even more evocative of the era than Twiggy? All you must channel the It Girl of the 60s is a bideal colored change dress (even much better if it’s fldental print), some ankle boots, and plenty of eyeliner to redevelop her makeup look.


Twiggy in pink, 1966, Popperfoto/Getty Images


As one of the a lot of famous femme fatales in comic background, Catwomale has actually many variations to pull motivation from.

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Personally, I’m partial Eartha Kitt’s portrayal from the 1960’s “Batman” TV display, For this look, you’ll need a tight black shirt and also pants, a gold belt and also necklace, babsence gloves, and also of course, a mask and also cat ears. Bonus points if you add gold cregulations and also high heeled boots!