Toward the end of "A Better Beginning," you’ll pick up the trail of your next priority ops mission, "A Trail of Hope." This mission is going to take you into uncharted room and into a brand-new chunk of the game as you chase after remnant signals.

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"A Trail of Hope" is one more lengthy and far-getting to mission that will certainly existing you via countless side objectives and also distractions. It will also present you to some new characters and locations (and, inevitably, new outarticle sites). Once again, the majority of the actions are really straightforward — walk right here, talk to this perboy — and also tright here aren’t any new mechanics to talk around. So we’re just going to list out the procedures for you and also only explain any confusing or hard moments.

A Trail of Hope

Go to the Onaon system. You’ll obtain plenty of cutscenes and some interactions via via game’s antagonist before you uncover somearea to land also. Follow Paaran Shie and also enter the angaran Resistance HQ. There’s nothing to do in the time of the initially part other than complying with Paaran Shie — you’ll obtain yelled at if you stop or stray, and also there’s no "simply follow her" button. Your task is to babysit the joystick. For the second half, you’re talking your method right into Evfra’s good graces. Rerotate to the Tempest and go to either Havarl or Voeld.

Helping Havarl’s Scientists

You have the right to go directly to Voeld, but we’re going to recommfinish going to Havarl initially. The expedition will certainly rise your XP and earn you some goodwill. The main mission

Travel to Havarl. Make contact with the scientists at Pelaav. The scientists you soptimal with will point you towards the monolith. All you have to perform is follow your HUD marker to the monolith and also do your point. But the regional wildlife isn’t very friendly, and also there’s some rogue angarans that will certainly shoot you on sight. Help the researchers that are trapped at the monolith. The first action here is obtaining inside in the initially location. Fight your means with the remnant guarding the monolith, then head up the stairs to discover the trapped angarans. To totally free them, scan for the glyphs and also then fix the remnant sudoku. Return to Kiiran Dals.While optional, there are a ton of side goals available to you on Havarl, and they’re all inside a relatively tiny location (and relatively simple to knock out). Take a few minutes to check out and also earn some XP.

A Trail of Hope

Call Evfra from the Tempest’s meeting room. Meet the Resistance on Voeld in the Nol system. Soon after you land, you’ll get the collaborates for the Resistance hideout. The weather below is too much, so you’re going to have to keep an eye on your life support the totality time you’re on the planet. Watch for heaters or other locations that will let your life support recharge.

Once aget, we’re going to suggest a little of a detour amethod from the primary mission — to earn some XP and more goodwill certainly. This will certainly likewise let you wander approximately Voeld and also obtain you acquainted through the world (and also the myriad side missions it offers) and the civilization you’re fighting for, and also it will certainly provide you some exercise for what’s coming in the major mission.

Eyes on the Ground

Head outside onto the cliff and also talk to the Resistance lookouts.Turn to the left and wait for the forward terminal to arrive. Call in your Nomad and also acquire inside — the heater functions, so it’s your safe zone on the planet’s surface. Go to Hjara. Keep complying with the red runmethod lights and also the tire tracks in the snow — they’re not quite roadways, however complying with them will certainly make your pilgrimage simpler and much faster. You’re going to run into a couple of kett camps and also other distractions alengthy the means. Several of these are out in the open up — in these situations, rotate your Nomad sideways and also use it for cover.Right prior to you arrive in Hjara, inspect your map — there’s a forward terminal site simply southern of the camp. Talk to Skeot. He’s tright here to provide you your next action — to go cost-free a labor camp.

Stage a Rescue

Reach kett holding site. You’re going to run into some kett resistance alengthy the means — clear them once you have the right to (or desire to), or simply keep driving if you don’t. Once aobtain, there’s a forward terminal site for you to the southern of your location. What’s coming is a big fight, so use the forward terminal to make certain you and your squad are all set. Rescue caught angara and also clear staying kett. Your goal is to follow the markers on your HUD to the holding cells for the four recorded angara. There’s nopoint maintaining you from running directly to them and freeing them … other than the waves of kett coming to prevent you from doing exactly that. That’s why we advise clearing the multiple waves of kett initially — and also restocking your ammo from inside the central building — before you deal with the hosteras. This will certainly let you free them without ducking the entire time. Soptimal to rescued angara. You can need to chase down your taracquire (we had actually to follow him until he quit walking prior to we could talk to him), yet talk to Niilj after all the hosteras are free. You’re welinvolved sell to help him (we did), however we’ll cover his side mission in an additional overview (it’s bit more intense than we have to encompass here). Let’s head ago to the major mission.

A Trail of Hope

Meet the Resistance. Rapid take a trip earlier to the initially forward station you deployed. The marker on you HUD is going to be a tiny misleading. You perform not have to go inside. Climb in your Nomad and drive alengthy the cliff road — the very same method you visited begin the "Eyes on the Ground" task. At the bottom of the cliff, rotate left and also then start adhering to your HUD aget. You’re eventually trying to gain ago to the shuttle pad where you initially started on Voeld. Talk to the angaran pilot and head for the facility. Infiltprice the kett facility. There’s an open up organization panel on the ideal side of the shield as you technique. Hack it to open the pressure area. Enter facility through the vent. Sdeserve to the vent that your HUD leads you to to discover they deserve to be destroyed. Shoot the vanes to acquire accessibility to the facility. You’ll have to fight your method with some kett prior to you acquire to the following step. Talk to the Resistance squad and search for the Moshae. Just follow your HUD and also fight your means through the kett you encounter. Find out wright here the pods go. What you find after you clear the room your HUD led you to will raise a bunch of brand-new concerns. Follow your HUD again. When you reach what appears like a dead end hallmethod, look up and to the ideal to discover one more shootable vent. Sdeserve to for the Moshae’s pod and interchallenge via a adjacent console. When you don’t uncover her, your HUD is a tiny much less than useful — it’ll be around 11 meters off. The console you’re searching for is near the ramp to the left of where you came in. Locate the Moshae’s pod and talk to Jaal. Follow your HUD again and also shoot your method via the vent you discover. Watch the cutscenes, then clear the kett out of the room and also talk to Jaal. Chase the kett Cardinal. Another cutscene, some even more kett and also an elevator ride will carry you to this mission’s climactic battle. We’re going to give it it’s own section

Defeat the kett Cardinal

Your fight versus the Cardinal is most likely going to be frustrating — she’s got some difficult shields that you’ll have to take dvery own multiple times, her friends keep coming to the party and she’s obtained some surprisingly strong assaults of her very own.

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Use the architecture to block you from the Cardinal while you handle the lackeys. You can’t overlook them (bereason they’ll harass you till you’re dead), so take them out as rapid as you can. Then you have the right to hit the ammo cprices in the middle of the room and turn your attention ago to the Cardinal. Watch out for the Cardinal’s charged red sphere of death attack. It hits your shields hard and also will certainly make you stand also up from cover. Keep your distance. This is not an up-close-and-personal fight. If you gain also close, the Cardinal will hit you via a one-hit-kill assault that we never before identified or even witnessed coming. Keep the fight ranged and also if she teleports in alongside you, get out of there. Target the Cardinal’s orb. That’s the just way to take down his shields. When you damage his orb, hit her through everything you have. You’re not going to take her out before she conjures another orb, so your job is to acquire her wellness down as far as you deserve to prior to that happens. Keep at it. This is a hard, challenging fight. A normal kett is a bullet sponge — the Cardinal is a bullet reef. She’s got stronger attacks than you’re offered to and also this fight will last longer than any type of you’ve taken on so much. But we think in you. We did it (eventually) — you can too.

A Trail of Hope

Talk to Moshae Sjefa. You only greatly eliminated the Cardinal, so you’ve got some conversation choices to make here. If you choose below to conserve the angarans by negotiating via the Cardinal, be conscious that there’s a super, super satisfying quick time event that will pop up. (Freeing the angarans will certainly cause them to come back and also help you fight later.) Escort the Moshae to the edge of the roof and also hold out for the shuttle extraction. The Moshae will certainly carry out you via a biotic-type shield as you fight your method dvery own the roof. You’ve acquired most kett to fight with no matter what you carry out below, yet don’t be a hero. By the time the shuttle shows up, the odds are not going to be in your favor. Get out of there. Rerevolve through the Moshae to Aya. Once you’re earlier on board the Tempest, use the galaxy map to get you all back to Aya. Take the shuttle to the Aya vault. Everything after this is basically one lengthy cutscene. Tbelow aren’t puzzles or opponents, so sit earlier and also gain it. Follow the Moshae to the Aya vault. Investigate the Aya vault. Meet Evfra at the Resistance HQ. Tright here are a number of sellers on the street on your method to the Resistance HQ. Sell some of the junk you’ve been picking up and also buy yourself something nice (the armor seller has a complete set of maverick ambusher IV). When you gain tright here, you’ll get your following mission.